WWE Money in the Bank Preview, Picks, Debate: Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans, Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles, Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens, Miz vs Shane McMahon, Roman Reigns vs Elias, Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio, Men's & Women's MITB Matches, Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs Usos

May 17, 2019

By Matt Straub and Brad Carroll


It’s been 15 years since WWE ran a pay-per-view near its home base, which means the company is coming to the home base of your two favorite wrestling pundits. Brad and I will be there in Hartford for the Money in the Bank show, which is one of the gimmicks WWE has a hard time screwing up. If nothing else, the two ladder matches will provide enough drama and entertainment to make for a fun night, but there should be a couple other matches which stand out for their quality as well.


The problem with the bulk of this card, which we’ll get into in great detail, is its predictability. Of the 11 advertised matches, six would seem to have inarguable winners, though Brad and I will fight in this piece I’m certain. There are two others I feel very confident about, so anything less than an 8-3 record in my picks will disappoint me and less than 7-4 will break my heart this month. This does seem like a good time to mention I beat Brad, though barely, in the 2018-19 WWE season picks, running from the end of the last WrestleMania to the end of this one at MetLife Stadium, but the new season opener is Sunday night.


I’m looking forward to hanging out with my pick partner at the XL Center, where we will be the best tag team in the building. I know you’re looking forward to our breakdowns of what should be a fun, if easy to call night, so let’s get to work.

Universal Champion Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: We start with the perfect example of the issue this show faces. In the ring, this match should be fantastic. Seth Rollins has emerged as the company’s workhorse. He’s basically incapable of having a bad match at this point, and he won’t have to work hard to put together a four-star match with Styles. The Phenomenal One is now in an interesting place, jammed between the top of the card and the middle. He’s too good to be a mid-carder, but he seems ready to let others bask in the spotlight of the title picture. This is why I said this could easily be a four-star match. It won’t be five stars because there’s no drama. I just can’t imagine a scenario where Styles wins. You could come up with something crazy, like the person who wins the briefcase showing up in the middle of the match, trying to cash in, and Styles coming back into the picture to win, but that would be a heck of a reach. The only drama is if Rollins gets cashed in on after his win, because AJ isn’t taking the gold here. For the record, I don’t think the cash in is Sunday. Let it be the long angle it should be. Sunday’s show ends way later than it should with Seth holding the belt. You don’t want the MITB match to end the show, as you want the potential cash in to loom over this match, and the rest of the results I’m predicting indicate this has to end the show. We’ll get to why in a minute.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: First, I have to throw out that my home state is New York, but in the wrestling world, you can say I’m residing in Connecticut. Second, I’ve been to countless wrestling shows in my life, most during the cartoon and attitude era, from house shows to episodes of Raw at Nassau Coliseum and Madison Square Garden, and even a WCW Nitro show at the Coliseum way back when. I’ve seen just about every legend there is to see. But what I haven’t ever been to is a pay-per-view, so I’m excited for this opportunity to make the long drive for me (and then the short drive for Straub) to the XL Center, a building that housed a mall and apparently the NHL’s Hartford Whalers. Yes, a mall. And, yes, there is such a thing as the Hartford Whalers. They played hockey, or so I’ve heard. That’s about all you need to know about that mystical and likely mythical team. For this Universal championship match, I actually have switched my thought process and agree this will be the main event, although for different reasons than Straub. Becky Lynch and Charlotte is still the best match on the card, and the one people want to see the most, but there’s logic to putting it on second-to-last. Now, Seth Rollins is good in the ring, but he’s got zero charisma. He’s been lucky to be handed the Burn it Down catchphrase, which has caught on even though it’s lame. What exactly is he burning down, anyway? Who knows. But, hey, look, fire is on the TitanTron! It’s also funny that Straub now loves Rollins, when he absolutely hated him just a few short years ago, when Rollins was actually in his perfect role as a heel. If there was an insult to hurl at Rollins, it was coming from Straub. And I was the one defending him. How quickly times change, eh? Anyway, Rollins just took the title away from Brock Lesnar, so there’s no way WWE is going to take it off him this soon. AJ Styles should win, as he’s better than Rollins in the ring, but everyone knows that doesn’t matter. Rollins gets the win in what should be a solid match to close the show. And, no, there won’t be an immediate cash in. Nobody in that match would lend to a title win this quick, and will need the build to get there. Plus, WWE has botched the last two Money in the Bank cash-ins, so they better take the time to get this one right.

Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs.

Lacey Evans (Raw Women’s Title Match)


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: First, since I’m a man of my word, I have to start with an apology. I said for a year Charlotte would win at WrestleMania. In my defense, it was the plan for probably nine months of that year. Once Becky Lynch exploded, however, the tide turned and WWE decided to follow it. I was the last person to see they would. By Mania I thought she had a chance, but I still didn’t think Becky Lynch would get a win over two huge names. Good for Becky, breaking through in organic fashion and willing herself to her spot. She forced WWE to change course on the biggest show of the year, and shut me up in the process. She deserves all the credit, even though I do have to rip her for something in a minute. Also, she didn’t really shut me up. I’m about to write many, many words. Still, good job mate. And you’re a Pearl Jam fan, so I think we can be friends now. As for Sunday, this is my pick for the opener for a couple of reasons. First, they’ll do one of the things I hate the most, which is send out the champion first, so that the first thing the fans in Hartford hear is Becky’s music, and the show starts with a huge pop. The champion should always come out last and be introduced last in the ring, but I get wanting to kick things off by seeing if the old XL Center’s roof is up for a Lynch appearance. The second, more obvious reason, is Becky having two matches, so they’ll want to give her a break at some point. There will be time in between Becky’s matches unless this is a total squash, which I don’t see, as WWE loves Evans, or Evans really works over Lynch and she barely survives, causing Charlotte to rush out and start the second match right away. I can’t see that happening either, as I don’t think Evans is ready to get that level of push. The truth will be somewhere in between. Becky wins a good match, probably overcoming a Women’s Right (the best name for a finisher in years), to stay the Raw champion. The belt at stake here is important, as Becky recently spilled the worst-kept secret in wrestling by announcing she and Rollins are a real-life couple. She’s going to want to be on Raw full time now to stay with Rollins, and with the brand split sort of still a thing, there’s a way to lessen her work load while still having her be the top star on the women’s side. We’ll cover how WWE executes that right after Brad tells you how much I hate Becky Lynch. It’s OK, I will take it, because I’m going to pay him back by making his head explode a couple of times before this preview is done. Which, by the way, is a very bad plan because he’s my ride home on Sunday.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: I can see it now, Sunday night, about 11:15, I tell Straub I’m going to the bathroom before we leave, and two hours later I get a text from him asking where I am. I’ll be home, of course, while Straub will be trapped inside an arena he can wax poetic about when the mythical Whalers used to skate on ice majestically in the cold. Actually I think this might be more a reward for Straub than a punishment for having to deal with his ramblings here each month, so I’ll just force him to drive home with me while I tell him how wrong he was on everything. Good times ahead. Anyway, yes, this is the opener, and I don’t believe that’s hard to see or believe. Becky goes on first and then second-to-last, in my head anyway. And Becky is going to start the night with a win, even though it will take way longer than anyone would have thought, and Lacey Evans will beat down Becky like no one would have thought. It all sets up the second match with Charlotte. But Becky wins against Lacey Evans and gets ready for the big match in a couple hours. And, quickly, how is Straub on top of all this wrestling gossip? He knew all along Becky and Seth Rollins were a couple? How? Why? Stalker Straub I guess does have a solid ring to it.

Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs

Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Women’s Title Match)


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: While I doubt we see the matches back-to-back, we need to talk about them together. The good news is Brad is going to see his favorite wrestler twice in one night. The bad news? He’s going to see her lose to her rival, which is why this match, which is the biggest of the night outside of the briefcases, can’t go on last. Even worse? He keeps talking about hitting me with a chair, and this is probably when it’s going to happen. The big reason I’m picking Charlotte has to do with how convenient it will make Becky’s life, and they want the person they’re pushing the hardest to be happy. By losing this match but beating Evans, Becky gets to stay with Rollins on Raw, still be the champion on the biggest show, and keep her character fresh by fighting new opponents. There are underlying signs also pointing to a Flair win. WWE still badly wants to keep Charlotte, who it considers the long-term star of the women’s division, in a good spot, and another loss to Becky would hurt. Lynch has won four of their last five televised, one-on-one matches, though only one was by pinfall. They’ve done a great job of keeping both wrestlers strong by inventing finishes which make them need to fight again, and WrestleMania was no exception. It wasn’t one-on-one, and Charlotte gets to say she never lost her belt. By the way, when Ronda Rousey comes back she’ll be able to say Becky didn’t pin her for three seconds and Charlotte didn’t beat her at all, but that’s probably more than a year away, so we’ll table that discussion. Charlotte needs a one-on-one win over Becky to get some momentum back, and if they ever want to revisit this feud, all Becky has to say is she lost because she had to fight twice. Everything about the top of the women’s division has been so well orchestrated lately it’s shocking it’s WWE’s people writing this stuff. Charlotte nine-belts, which she is already and painfully trying to make a thing on social, becomes a thing in reality. By the way, I’ll be objective here and kill Charlotte’s mic and social work of late. She used to be a great promo, but she has struggled lately. Part of it is because Becky’s one-liner style, while hysterical at times, isn’t conducive to conversations, but also Charlotte has been off when not working in the ring recently. As for Becky, the shot she took at Alexa Bliss went miles over the line. They have to reign her in a bit. Being the Steve Austin knock off is working for her, but making fun of a concussion history which we now know may Alexa’s career, especially in light of what we know about concussions in general now, is just unbecoming of someone who wants so badly to be the face of the company.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: I know I’ve said Straub hates Becky Lynch, but I believe it’s really more about how much love he has for Charlotte. And boy is that love strong. It’s like she’s John Cena, Ryback and Roman Reigns rolled into one mega superstar that has made Straub lose sight of reality, and that would be picking Charlotte to win at WrestleMania, the one woman in that match who wasn’t going to win. He’s right about Charlotte’s mic work, though, which is really, really bad. She’s so far behind Becky Lynch when paired against her she comes off as an amateur. Straub is wrong, though, on Ronda Rousey, who I don’t believe will ever be back. So, WWE not only has to keep Charlotte strong for the foreseeable future, but Becky as well, as much as Straub hates to hear that. Stone Cold needed the Rock and the Rock needed Stone Cold. These two women need each other. And while I bring up Stone Cold, I still think it’s funny Straub tries to insult Becky by saying she’s a Steve Austin knock off, when every single Becky fan would love her to go that route. But she hasn’t, so that’s just Straub hating for the sake of hating. Oh, that’s right, it’s the love of Charlotte that drives this. How could I forget. Now for the match, and I promise the match previews below will be much more succinct. If your belief is Becky will come out of Money in the Bank with just one belt, this is the spot where she will lose the other. While I can see, and want, Becky to leave with both belts, more likely is a new SmackDown Live champion will be crowned, but it won’t be Charlotte, but rather the women’s Money in the Bank winner. Becky can’t lose clean now, especially to Charlotte, and especially after losing to Asuka a short while ago, and then head to a different show and act like nothing happened. It would devalue her as Raw champion and would basically destroy her momentum. After all, if Becky gets pinned by Charlotte, are you going to care she’s the Raw champion, or will you recognize Charlotte as the two-belt champ? We all know the answer. So, Charlotte’s out, and the easiest way to keep Becky strong is to have the women’s MITB winner cash in and win the title in shady fashion, which is just fine. It actually happened with Alexa Bliss getting the title off Nia Jax while Ronda Rousey was the challenger. The only question is who wins that women’s match, cashes in and wins the title, which we’ll answer below. How’s that for a Brad cliffhanger?

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: This card is sort of like the NFL Draft. There was some really fascinating things to get to early on, and then it became more mundane. Thankfully Brad and I are always entertaining. The rest of this card is far from bad, but after anything involving Becky or the AJ-Seth match, it goes down a level, then another, then about 17 more. Speaking of the NFL Draft … nah, not yet. We’ll get there, I promise. This feud has been better than I thought it would be, and I’m incredibly glad it didn’t feature the New Day turning on Kofi. They might be waiting for Big E’s return to go that route, but I just don’t see the need. I like this structure of letting one of them be featured without breaking up the band in predictable fashion and ending a group which is better together than as singles wrestlers. They can do this again down the line, giving Langston a title run if they want. Owens is just so darn personable, especially as a heel. He’s had his bad moments, but he’s so often interesting he is allowed a few duds. As we alluded to earlier, however, this is another match which feels predictable. Could Owens win? Sure. He’s a big enough star to be champion, but what would be the point? Kofi wins and his ride at the top goes another couple of months, even if it means continuing this feud.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: While I agree things take a step back in terms of interest and importance starting here, I do believe the crowd will be hyped for this match and for Kofi getting his first real chance to show what he can do as world champion. I’m hoping Kevin Owens wins, and I’ll be rooting for him from the crowd, but just like Rollins, I don’t believe WWE will pull the plug on Kingston this quick. You can’t have the underdog battle all the way to the title and then take it off him quickly after. He would simply go right back into tag team wrestling, which would be a huge letdown for everyone. Kingston needs to stay at the top for a while longer before finally losing the belt and then slowly dwindling out of the singles scene. Remember, too, Roman Reigns is destined to be WWE champion, so a heel will likely get the belt from Kofi before long, only to serve as a placeholder until Reigns wins at a big pay per view. That heel could be Owens, but I don’t believe it will be now. Kingston successfully defends the title.

Roman Reigns vs. Elias


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: Go ahead, give me a way or a reason Elias wins this match. I’ll wait. Keep thinking. Give up yet? Good, because it’s not going to happen. This is a shame, by the way, because the crowd so badly wants to cheer for Elias. He’s not Dolph Ziggler in the ring, but Elias can work a little and he’s so good on the mic. He can make the crowd love and hate him in the span of the same promo, which is a huge credit to him but also a detriment. Because he can do both WWE has never fully committed to him as either a face or heel. He’s been beating people up from behind like a true heel lately, but we’ll all walk with Elias Sunday, not to mention singing with him. What we won’t do is celebrate his victory.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: I can’t wait for Elias to hit the ring with guitar in hand, ready to hear all the insults he’s going to hurl at the Hartford crowd, likely involving those mythical Whalers. That’s going to be the highlight of this match, though, as Reigns is going to win easily and quickly. But at least I’ll have those first few moments to enjoy, especially knowing Straub will be blowing a gasket the whole time.

The Miz vs. Shane McMahon (Steel Cage Match)


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: In December of 1987, my brother and I had floor seats for a Saturday Night’s Main Event taping in what was then called the Hartford Civic Center. The guy behind us drunkenly yelled “where’s Hulk Hogan” whenever someone not named Hulk Hogan came out. Eventually, he did, beating Mr. Wonderful in what was at the time an innovative and dramatic cage match. The two escaped the cage and hit the floor at the same time, causing a restart. Hogan later won, but I’ll always remember the confusion live when they tied at first, which means it was well done. Now almost 22 years later Hartford gets another cage match. This one has none of the important implications, however, and lacks much drama. Yes, these two had a great match at WrestleMania, and Shane is doing his evil thing where he gets friends to beat up his enemies, but do we need this again? We know Miz is winning. Shane will jump off of something, which will be fun, but does any of this feel significant? Miz gets his win back over Shane, we have a good time watching them climb things, but then we all forget about this and move on immediately.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: Sometimes all you have to do is enjoy what’s in front of you and don’t ask or try to answer any background questions. Will this match be fun? Yes. Will it be great to see a steel cage match? Yes. That’s all you need to know. The Miz wins for all the reasons Matt mentions above. It’s still weird for The Miz to be a good guy, but a return to the dark side is likely coming after this feud finally ends. In the meantime, enjoy this match, after all, it's in a steel cage.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: These things are always a crapshoot, but can you think of a worthwhile storyline involving anyone here other than Bliss and Nikki Cross starting a friendship? With Bliss being pulled from the match for legitimate medical reasons Wednesday, Cross being added is more than just an extension of the story started Monday, when she again covered for Bliss in a match. While I’m not sure where they’re going with the angle since it’s so new, this is the only interesting thing to branch off from after Sunday among anyone here. By the way, even though Lynch’s comments about hitting Ember Moon so hard Alexa Bliss would get injured again were a few weeks ago and before news of Alexa’s latest concussion hit, it’s another example about why you just don’t joke about things like this. This is serious stuff. I don’t know how many more concussions Bliss can get before she can’t do this anymore, which would be a shame. Fortunately, I can see her with a great career as a manager, host of that interview segment she does forever, or commentator. In the meantime, Cross wins and goes somewhere with Alexa.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: I don’t know when Straub got so sensitive. This is professional wrestling, there has been attempted murder, attempted murder and did I mention attempted murder? Point is, don’t get worked up over a tweet. This is wrestling. I really wish the participants in this match were better, because it would make it that much easier to predict who will win this match and, more importantly, end up as SmackDown champion at the end of the night. Last year I predicted Alexa Bliss would win the MITB match, cash-in, and walk away champion. I’m doing the same again this time around. But who (who? who? who?) will it be? Mandy Rose? No. Natalya? Heck no. Carmella? Already went down that road. Naomi, Dana Brooke? No and no. That leaves Bayley, Ember Moon and Nikki Cross, who seems to have downplayed her Sanity character, which is a shame. But of those three possible winners, I can eliminate Bayley, as she has none of the appeal she had before. I think the main event spot isn’t for Ember Moon yet either, so she’s out. And while the main event isn’t for Nikki Cross yet either, it is for Alexa Bliss, and that duo will not only find a way to win this ladder match, but come away as SmackDown women’s champion as well, as Bliss leads Cross to a cash-in and victory over Becky Lynch. Let the (in)sanity begin.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: OK, you’re going to want to sit down for this. I can’t imagine why any of you are reading this standing up, especially since we’re already roughly 4,000 words into this bad boy, but give yourself a rest and sit down if you were. I’m going to say something nice about the high-flying wrestlers. For this match and this match only, I want them involved. The whole point of this match is to see people get thrown off of, or jump from, ladders. Giving Ricochet, Finn Balor and Ali an excuse to throw themselves through the air sounds fun for a while. Replacing Braun Strowman with Sami Zayn, for the purposes of this match at least, is a wonderful idea. Randy Orton might not fly, but he’ll do something maniacal. And Andrade gets the chance to show if he can do more than take pictures with Charlotte. Unfortunately for fans of this style of wrestling, the clear favorite here is Drew McIntyre. His push has come in fits and starts, but he’s clearly being groomed for a run at the belt, and giving him the briefcase allows WWE to start that push anytime it feels like between Sunday and April of 2020. Plus, in stealing Brad’s approach to these matches and doing the process of elimination, who else do you see being worthy of the briefcase? WWE hasn’t done anything with the NXT guys, so I can’t see Ricochet suddenly being a major player. Finn has a belt, Ali is best known for nearly getting decapitated at Mania (even though Kofi took his spot at the beginning of his push, Ali’s wasn’t supposed to get this far), Baron Corbin is just filler and Andrade is nothing important on his own. Zayn is the only other person I could see getting the case, but I think he needs to feud with Braun some more. His gimmick is interesting these days, even though I always found his build disconcerting. To be a big time wrestler you’re supposed to be a little guy, a huge guy, or of average height but an impressive build like Shawn Michaels or Ziggler. Zayn looks like a guy who used to go to the gym but let himself go. He’s almost in shape, but not quite, but certainly not fat. Seriously, look at his stomach and then tell me if you can stop looking at it. It’s so out of place in the WWE world. By the way, in the interest of full disclosure, I look like Yokozuna. I would never criticize how someone looks if it weren’t an actual factor in whether or not people get pushes in this industry. If Drew doesn’t win Sami will, but I’m going with the big, strong guy who Vince happens to love.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: Straub, have you seen Kevin Owens? That dude has a belly like the rest of us and could very well be world champion come Sunday night. I’m glad Straub took my approach to figuring out who can and can’t win this, because I can keep the word count down. Plus, he got it right, for the most part. The one guy he overlooked who I can see winning is Andrade, who could be built into something over the next couple months where a cash-in would be exciting and make sense. But McIntyre and Zayn are the two legitimate options. Although I could easily see WWE having Randy Orton win just to keep him at the top for some reason. And even though I wouldn’t like it if he won, wouldn’t it be cool for the champion to always be watching his back, waiting for an RKO outtanowhere? Damn, I think I’m talking myself into Orton winning now. McIntyre makes all the sense in the world, but if WWE is serious about Zayn, and will give him a push he deserves, then wouldn’t it be great if Zayn was doing his promos and teasing the fans that he’s never going to cash in, because that’s what they want? He could use that briefcase to his advantage like no one else in this match. Will it happen that way? Probably not. But what the hell, Zayn wins to shock everyone, well, except for me and you all for reading this.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. The Usos


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: WWE cares so little about this match it put the preview underneath the ad for the show’s tickets, which usually runs at the very end. Bryan needs something to do while he’s less than 100 percent, so keeping the belts on he and Rowan seems like the plan here. The Usos don’t need the belts to be over, though I’ll never understand why. Give me the heels.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: This should be a fun match, but the outcome is not in question. Daniel Bryan and Rowan win because they need the titles. Plus, aren’t the Usos on Raw now? Or did I miss something fast-forwarding through the shows? Man, I’m asking a lot of questions in this preview.

United States Champion Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: Seriously, how is this feud still going? At least when Joe and Styles fought for months and months, it was a great feud. This is, well, not. And didn’t WWE do an angle with Rey Mysterio’s son like 10 years ago? Why is this happening? Why can’t Joe, one of the best storytellers in and out of the ring the company has, be allowed to have nice things, like one of the big belts or an important angle? And how could the Jets let their GM pick the new coach, make all the draft picks, sign all the free agents, spend over $100 million, and THEN fire him? It sounds more and more like Mac didn’t pick the coach, the owner did. And the coach then turned on him faster than Owens turned on Kofi this month. Now the coach might be in a feud with the new star player, a player, mind you, not exactly known for getting along with authority figures. The Jets seemed like they were turning a corner. They had their QB, a nice draft, and the Giants were so busy lighting fires the Jets could do no wrong. Now they look like they’re WCW in 2000. I keep waiting for Vince Russo to announce he’s in charge, then book himself as the quarterback. If you want to fire the GM, fine. Don’t let him do all the important GM things first then. Joe wins and I ask Brad to now explain any of this to me.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: Straub, be happy, Joe has the United States title, which is at least getting defended here, unlike the Raw or women’s tag team titles. Maybe it’ll even go longer than the 10-second match these two had at WrestleMania, but then again, there are 11 matches on this card, so it could be another short one. Big or small, the small guy ain’t winning. Quickly on the Jets, the franchise is a joke and the owners need to sell the team or stop embarrassing themselves, which we all know they will never stop embarrassing themselves. Which leaves one choice. The owner didn't pick the coach, Straub, the owner is just an idiot. For wrestling fans who have no idea what’s going on with the Jets, new head coach Adam Gase is the Jinder Mahal of the NFL. As in, NFL fans are asking, how in the world did Gase, a proven loser, get all this power with the Jets? Just like every wrestling fan kept asking how did Mahal, a proven jobber, become WWE champion? I’m actually proud of myself for bridging the wrestling and football gap here. Now if I can only get Straub to stop hating football.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese vs. Ariya  Daivari


Matt’s Breakdown and Prediction: Wait, isn’t Ariya the lady in what I call “the dragon show” to annoy one of my best friends? Are there going to be dragons? I wanna see a dragon! I feel like if Ariya flies over the ring on a dragon, then shoots spears and stuff, he has a great chance to win. I’m also much better prepared to talk about Tony Nese this month. For example, I’ve learned he is, in fact, NOT an NBA official. I admit to being a little confused about this match, however, as I was under the impression Buddy Murphy was required to be in all cruiserweight matches. If not, at least we get to see dragons. I was going to ask Brad if he wanted to make sure we were there in time for the kickoff show, but now I think we have to be there to see this. I’m picking the dragon guy. Before I hand it off to Brad for the final time this month, I want to say thanks as always for indulging us in this endeavor. We enjoy it, and we love that you do as well. If Brad doesn’t hit me with a ladder, we’ll be back to discuss the next show. We’ll probably talk some baseball in there as well, some reflections on Hartford’s first WWE show in 15 years, and whatever else is going on. I don’t think I’ll get to bring up dragons again, however, so be forewarned. OK boss, take us home.


Brad’s Breakdown and Prediction: Tony Nese is still champion? Imagine that. He’ll still be champion after this match, too, which sorry Straub, we may not be in attendance for, because why rush to be in the building at six when this is all you get for doing so? Wait, what, dragons? Maybe six isn’t so difficult now. Eh, forget it. The less I see of the kickoff show the better, dragons or no dragons. But Straub seriously should be a stand-up comic, but he’ll have to get under 205 pounds first, cause all of his material comes at the expense of the cruiserweights. See you next time right here and make sure to follow along Money in the Bank along with us on Twitter @gamedayishere.


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