Jets Fans Want Team To Draft Former Oklahoma Quarterback Baker Mayfield, According To Our Twitter Poll

March 14, 2018

By Brad Carroll


If fans of the New York Jets have their way, former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield will be the player general manager Mike Maccagnan drafts with the sixth overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. According to a poll run on our Twitter account (@gamedayishere), 58% of those who voted want the former Sooner to be the new quarterback of the Jets.


Mayfield, who has been linked to the Jets for months considering his placement among the “big four” of potential early draft picks at the position and the Jets drafting sixth, easily outdistanced the rest of the field, which included Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen in our poll.


The poll question was posted after it was clear the Minnesota Vikings were going to sign free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins.


Josh Rosen, the quarterback from UCLA, was next with 20% of the vote. Josh Allen, from Wyoming, followed with 13%, while Sam Darnold, from USC, was last with 9%.


Mayfield’s support isn’t surprising considering his bravado and winning attitude, along with a  controversial personality, that could work very well in the New York market. Of course, there are pitfalls to that, especially the latter attribute, but Jets fans are a unique bunch, willing to take chances in order to finally secure a franchise quarterback.


Perhaps more surprising was the lack of support for Sam Darnold. The Southern Cal product could have been deemed unattainable by those who voted, as he is still likely to go No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Browns, or simply Jets fans just don’t want the quarterback at all.


Rosen did well garnering 20% of the vote, but that number was nowhere near Mayfield’s support.


Now, if I’m running the franchise, I’d look into trading up into the No. 1 spot and then drafting Darnold, but that isn’t likely to happen considering the price tag and the possibility the Browns won’t even want to get out of the spot.


But one thing's for sure, the Jets absolutely must draft a quarterback in the first round, and hopefully one of the “big four” is there for the taking. And, at least according to those who responded to our poll, the one fans want the most is Baker Mayfield.


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