Here's The Nearly Impossible, But Still Possible, Way For Jets To Make Postseason As Wild Card Team

December 5, 2017

 By Brad Carroll


The New York Jets and their fans are stuck in limbo heading into the final four weeks of the season. The Jets are too good to be angling for a potential top three draft pick, and the opportunity to add Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen, so losing at this point doesn’t really matter. The Jets are also not good enough to be a true playoff contender, so winning games is nice, but the payoff might just be dropping slots in the draft order, and losing out completely on all of the supposed first-round quarterbacks in the process.


So, what’s a fan to do?


Well, how about try and come up with the impossible -- a way for the Jets to make the postseason as a wild card team. Impossible, right? Probably, but it’s also possible as well, and it’s not that difficult a road to trek if the Jets win their remaining four games.


Ah, but that’s the biggest reason why this is likely just a huge pipe dream. Winning out isn’t going to be easy. In fact, it would be a miracle if they did.


For the playoffs to be even a possibility, the Jets would have to finish 9-7, which means beating the Broncos and Saints on the road, then the Chargers at home, before finally the Patriots on the road. So, yes, this playoff dream might already be DOA.


But these Jets have proven they can play with and beat anyone, not to mention lose to anyone, so anything is possible.


If the Jets can finish with those four victories, the path to the postseason isn’t as difficult as it would appear, although they would still need help to get there. It really comes down to two games going in the opposite direction of how they would on paper.


Going on the premise of all games ending in the fashion they should, which always is a big if, the Jets will need two games to go in the opposite direction to have a shot.


If the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Ravens in Baltimore in Week 17, and the Jets win all four remaining games, they would then get into the postseason as the sixth-seed. Also, if the Houston Texans beat the Jaguars in Jacksonville in Week 15, the Jets would get in as the sixth-seed. If both the Bengals and Texans won those games, the Jets would actually get the fifth-seed in the playoffs.


Of course, this would be a lot more exciting if the Jets won just one of the games they should have earlier this season, against the Dolphins, Falcons, Buccaneers and Panthers, all games where they lost leads in the fourth quarter or just flat-out stunk, like the Tampa game.


But in this weird season of epic ups and downs, why not root for the ultimate miracle and turn the impossible into a postseason berth? It’s darn near impossible, but what else does a Jets fan have to do over the final month of the season?


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