Jets Take On Dolphins Today In Miami Seeking Season's Fourth Win

October 22, 2017

By Reid McEvoy


Today, the New York Jets face off with the Dolphins. This matchup could be interesting considering how the first game between the two teams went. In the last matchup, the Jets picked up the win 20-6, essentially shutting out the Phins, as their only score was with two seconds on the clock, and it was a swift win. Though, this time there won’t be any J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets chants, as they travel to Miami.


Bilal Powell will be returning, and he and Forté will be active together for the first time since Week 3. This should be a big help toward the Jets winning, as they have had almost no run game asides from Powell and McGuire’s big runs. With Forté taking the third down and red zone carries, it should definitely improve the Jets’ play.        


After this game that seems like it should be a win, the Jets will travel back home and take on the Falcons in a game that will be extremely important if the Jets want to have an attempt at a playoff run.


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