WWE No Mercy Winners & Losers: Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, The Miz, Alexa Bliss, Braun Strowman, Cesaro's Teeth, More

September 25, 2017

By Brad Carroll


WWE No Mercy had incredible build and many of the scheduled bouts were definitely of the must-see variety, but with a number of curious results and with the final three matches on the night ending in a blink of an eye, it wasn’t the event many had hoped for. It wasn’t a bad card overall, but was a disappointing one considering the hype.


There still were many who came out as winners after the night’s festivities, and yes, those who came out as losers, and with that we break down the biggest winners and losers from WWE’s No Mercy from Sunday night.


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Brock Lesnar: He dispatched his biggest challenge for his Universal title yet, beating and pinning Braun Strowman after just one F-5. The ending came out of nowhere, sort of like it did when he beat Samoa Joe, and left people more confused than getting th chance to celebrate or boo the win. Lesnar made Strowman a believable challenger, but in the end, Lesnar is still champion, and in theory, he should be on to his next opponent, as Strowman got his shot and lost, more on that below. My guess is Strowman sticks around, but really shouldn’t. It’s time for Finn Balor to get back into the title picture, but we all know Roman Reigns is waiting in the wings. Still, once again, Lesnar came out of a huge battle as the Universal champion.


Roman Reigns: He got the John Cena seal of approval after his win, but it’s not likely to shift the fan’s hatred of him any time soon. The Rock couldn’t do it. The Undertaker couldn’t do it. And John Cena isn’t going to do it either. But Reigns had to win this match to validate his career and he did so with a clean win over Cena.


John Cena: He got some much-deserved respect and love from the crowd after he lost to Reigns, and in his Raw Talk interview after the show, he was emotional in realizing his time at the top of the card is likely over. To see that emotion from Cena, who was on the verge of tears, makes you realize he does love the business. I still don’t like him and never will, but he deserved the big cheer from the crowd as a sendoff for who knows how long into the future.


The Miz: The crowd was solidly behind The Miz the whole way, an appreciation for the way he has taken over on the mic and in the ring really since the brand split. Miz has been an MVP-type player on the roster and outshines pretty much anyone he’s put in the ring with, including John Cena. The Miz also got to keep his title with a victory over Jason Jordan, which was solidly in doubt considering how hard the WWE is pushing Kurt Angle’s “son.” But Miz is still the IC champion and is in even better shape today than he was yesterday. Hopefully WWE doesn't bury him in favor of Jordan on Raw.


Alexa Bliss: The Raw women’s champion once again defended her title, pinning Bayley and escaping without having to go through Nia Jax. But while Bliss is celebrating her win, it looks like the ultimate challenger will emerge soon, as Asuka debuts at WWE TLC next month. If anyone is going to knock Bliss off her pedestal, it’s Asuka. But we’ll see if she gets to that feud with the title, or loses it to Jax in the meantime.


Nia Jax: She was impressive for the first time in a big match and really made everyone believe she could not only win the match, but carry the division forward as well. Jax still has a long way to go in the ring, and when it comes to pure wrestling, she’s way down on the pecking order, but she made herself into a believable challenger on this night. With Asuka coming into the division, however, Jax may have lost her (for now) opportunity at No Mercy to be champion.




Braun Strowman: In theory, Strowman should not get another shot at Brock Lesnar as long as he holds the Universal title, after getting pinned clean after just one F-5 at No Mercy. He might still get another shot at the belt, because WWE doesn’t care about theory, but he shouldn’t, as much as I think he would have been a good champion. Strowman now needs to step aside and let another challenger emerge, and that’s a horrible turn of events for him. But there's no other believable choice, as how can Strowman come out on Monday Night Raw and demand anything from Lesnar? He can’t. The WWE made Strowman look weak here, despite Lesnar putting him over as a monster. He lost rather easily in a match that never fully got into gear. It’s too bad, because Strowman was on fire. Now, he’s just another guy on the roster.


Cesaro’s teeth: The biggest loss of the night came when Cesaro was tossed into the ring post and saw his front teeth go flying. His two front teeth were cut in half early in the match, but Cesaro continued on, wrestling with blood everywhere, including covering his mouth for a great majority of the match. It was a gruesome scene and Cesaro deserves major props for continuing the match. As for his teeth, well, they were the biggest loser on the night.


Bayley: She took another downturn in a career that has gone from being the queen of the division to a complete afterthought. Of all five women in the match for the Raw title, it was Bayley who took the pin from Alexa Bliss. Not even Emma was tasked with taking the fall. Bayley could be a lost cause at this point.


Bray Wyatt: Another big match and yet another big loss for Bray Wyatt, this time cleanly to Finn Balor. Wyatt couldn’t even beat Balor minus his demon persona. Wyatt should have remained on SmackDown, as he’s been absolutely nothing on Raw.


Neville: He lost his title to Enzo Amore. There really isn’t much else to say. This gets even worse if Neville doesn’t remain in the cruiserweight title hunt, which would be the end of his career if he remains on 205 Live.


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