After Terrible Performance Against Bills In Season Opener, There Is No Way Todd Bowles Can Finish Season As Jets Head Coach

September 10, 2017

By Brad Carroll


After the New York Jets looked completely terrible on both side of the ball during a 21-12 loss to the Buffalo Bills to open the season Sunday afternoon, only one conclusion can be made: Todd Bowles shouldn’t last the season as the team’s head coach.


Bowles should have been fired at the end of last season, but owner Woody Johnson brought him back anyway to lead a rebuilding project he can’t possibly succeed in. Bowles isn’t the right coach to lead this team, or any team for that matter.


Sunday was another example of why.


Bowles’ performance in Buffalo was just like every other game he’s coached. He is completely overmatched when making game decisions, and essentially handed the Bills the victory with four minutes to go in the game. Bowles’ biggest boneheaded decision, in a game full of them, came when he decided to punt instead of going for the first down on a fourth-and-eight play from the Jets’ 42. The Jets were trailing by two scores with four minutes to go, and every fan sitting at home knew the correct decision was to go for it. But Bowles punted, the Bills converted one first down, and the game was over.


If Bowles doesn’t know the right call to keep his team in the game, why in the world is he in charge of the decision-making in the first place? He shouldn’t be, and he shouldn’t finish the season as the team’s head coach.


And this also doesn't even mention the fact his defense was consistently gashed by the Bills offense, and luckily, somehow, only gave up 21 points. The defense gave up a whopping 408 yards of total offense to Buffalo.


There is no way the Jets can go into next year’s all-important draft, with a potential franchise quarterback the likely choice at or near the top of the draft, and overall rebuild with Bowles in charge. It could set the franchise back years.


No matter who the next head coach is, though, he must be an offensive mind. The Jets should end their run of defensive-minded coaches, especially after this disaster of a tenure by Bowles, and go for offense.


The Jets were terrible Sunday, but at least fans can look to the future for some kind of solace, a future where a new head coach and new quarterback is waiting to finally bring this team to the top of the AFC East.


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