Jets Rookie Safety Jamal Adams Injures Ankle During Training Camp

August 3, 2017

By Reid McEvoy


New York Jets rookie safety Jamal Adams sprained his ankle today during training camp. Adams was injured during 7-on-7 drills and was forced to be a spectator for the rest of practice. The severity is currently unknown, but coach Todd Bowles says he doesn’t believe Adams will need an MRI, and Adams reassuringly tweeted, “I’m okay” soon after camp ended.


Adams and fellow rookie Marcus Maye are projected to be this year’s starters. Adams says he will put in the effort it takes to be a star with his recent “die on the field” remark, but this ankle injury may be an obstacle he’ll have to work hard to overcome.


Every year, training camp will take a serious toll on players, sometimes causing season, or even career altering injuries. But this year, it’s been hitting hard with the younger players, injuring up-and-coming stars like Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard, Texans wide receiver Will Fuller, Chargers rookies Forrest Lamp and Mike Williams, Bengals rookie back Joe Mixon, and many more.


These injuries could rob them of crucial development and change their career completely. But obviously in Adams' case, we're hoping it’s nothing serious.


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