There Appears To Be An Uprising In Skill Sweeping The Nation Of Sports

June 28, 2017

By Reid McEvoy


There seems to be an uprising in skill across all sports, mainly baseball and hockey, but there’s also some in football. And that is due to young stars coming out of nowhere, like Connor McDavid, Aaron Judge and Dak Prescott, who are taking their respective leagues by storm, and they are all fairly new to their leagues. There are even more examples, like Ezekiel Elliott and Cody Bellinger.


Of the three stars listed, one had 30 goals, another had 23 passing touchdowns to only four interceptions, and another has 26 home runs and counting in less than half of a season.


This all appears to be due to a new strictness among scouts, causing the skill level to be better across the board. They also are making the scores in games higher.


In baseball, 10 runs has recently become quite typical (a fair example being Monday’s ridiculous, or what used to be, 15-9 showdown between the Indians and Rangers), and in hockey, a team scoring five goals game wasn’t unheard of, and though football scores didn’t necessarily skyrocket this last season, I have a feeling this upcoming season might feature quite a few 50+ point games.


With this rise in talent, specifically in the NFL, it could be a problem disguised as a blessing, due to the fact the way the draft works being worst picking first. It could cause teams like the 1-15 Browns to get one great player and bring them from a horrible team to a decent team. That could be a problem, though, as it would cause the Browns to become a middle of the pack team in the league and therefore the draft, causing them to live out the player's career before the team is good or horrible again, causing them to miss the opportunity and be back to where they are now. But we all know the Browns were smart and had more than one first round pick, and really rebuilt their team for the upcoming season. So they could buck the trend.


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