Offseason For Jets Fans Gets Even Worse As Belichick, Patriots Sign LB David Harris

June 21, 2017

By Brad Carroll


If you thought this offseason couldn’t get any worse for fans of the New York Jets, think again. In a surprising, but probably expected, move, the New England Patriots have signed linebacker David Harris to a two-year deal. That’s right, the rival Patriots have poached another former Jets great.


From Shaun Ellis to Darrelle Revis to now David Harris, Patriots coach Bill Belichick knows exactly how to stick it to the Jets. He did it again Wednesday.


Harris was let go by the Jets this offseason, unceremoniously and downright lacking any sort of class from an organization that has decide to tank this season. Harris was an all-timer for the Jets, one of the best linebackers in history, not to mention one of the best overall defensive players. He was one of the few players in Jets history who lived up to his hype, as he was taken in the second round of the 2007 draft. He went on to play in 153 games over 10 seasons with the Jets, recording over 1,000 tackles and 35.5 sacks. He had one of the biggest plays in Jets history as well, when he intercepted a pass in a playoff game against the Patriots and returned it 58 yards. The Jets ended up beating the Patriots 28-21 to head to the AFC championship game.


Now Harris is a Patriot.


There was no reason to dump Harris except for owner Woody Johnson wanting to save some money, and well, you know how that goes. It’s especially true during this season where the Jets are hoping to finish 0-16 and draft the best quarterback available.


While drafting a franchise quarterback is what every Jets fan has dreamed of for decades now, the Jets are going about it as if they were an NBA team, dumping every single good player they have in hopes of getting a high draft pick. It’s beyond shady.


But Harris signing with the Patriots is another low blow to Jets fans.


So, while Harris will likely be playing for a Super Bowl next year, Jets fans will be forced to watch a team completely void of talent try and win games (or not) next season.


If history is any indication, however, even with the worst roster in the league, the Jets will find a way to screw it all up, possibly win enough games to draft outside the top five, or just completely whiff on a player in the draft. It’s what the Jets do.


For Harris, he gets to see the other side now.


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