Jets Place Wide Receiver Quinton Patton On Injured Reserve

June 5, 2017

By Reid McEvoy


The New York Jets have placed wide receiver Quinton Patton on injured reserve, effectively ending his season. Patton is the second Jets’ receiver to have his season ended, and the season doesn’t even start for another two months. The Jets might need to adjust their wide receiver drills.


Patton’s injury was not specified, but it’s clearly serious, as whatever it was is believed to sideline him for the next five months. Though he wasn’t a huge asset for the Jets, he wasn’t chopped liver, either, as he’s is a very determined player, proved during his time with the 49ers.


He started in San Fran as the fourth man, eagerly waiting behind Mario Manningham, and unfortunately, he picked up an injury, making it much more difficult to prove himself as a good receiver. But he still did it, capitalizing on all chances, proving his worth and impressing the 49ers organization. He locked up a starting spot for the 2016 season, racking up about 500 yards before once again, getting injured.


The Jets took a chance on him this offseason, hoping he could avoid injury and be the player the 49ers saw in 2016, but their hopes were not met and now he is just dead cap. The Jets did work a slight injury-clause into his contract, where he got a $25,000 bonus if he was available for Week 1, and obviously being on IR, he won’t be able to collect his bonus.


The Jets signed former Cowboys and Colts wide receiver Devin Street to take his place.


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