Saints Could Be Adding RB Adrian Peterson In Free Agency, Which Means Mark Ingram Could Be Available

April 24, 2017

By Reid McEvoy


The New Orleans Saints are negotiating with former-Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. According to an NFL Network report, the Saints are offering more than $3 million to the rusher for the 2017 season.


If the deal goes through, it would leave the Saints’ starter last year, Mark Ingram, in a tough situation. Peterson would probably lock up the starting position and bench Ingram, leaving the latter back most likely questioning his future in New Orleans.


The Saints could definitely find a trade partner, but probably won’t be looking for picks, as they already received an abundance from the Patriots for wide out Brandin Cooks. So they could be looking to receive a player to fill needs at guard, cornerback or defensive line. Even though the Saints have Cameron Jordan, they have no one else even half decent, leaving him stranded in double-teams with no one to take advantage.


The Saints could definitely rebuild nicely with the signing of Peterson if they play it right, but it’s still a question if AP even will sign the contract, let alone beat Ingram to start.


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