Marshawn Lynch May Be Coming Home ... For Now Anyway

April 15, 2017

By Reid McEvoy


The Seattle Seahawks are being faced with a tough decision: whether or not to let the Oakland Raiders have running back Marshawn Lynch. As the Raiders have agreed to terms with the retired Lynch, who only played in seven games in 2015 due to injury, but had 111 rushes for 417 yards and three touchdowns, the Seahawks now have the choice of trading him, releasing him, or just blocking him from going anywhere since they do still have Lynch under contract if he wants to return to the NFL.


Now the Seahawks most likely don’t want Lynch back in the NFL with another team, but it doesn’t seem they have much of a choice.


If Lynch does decide to un-retire, he will likely cause the Seahawks to lose $2.5 million in a cap hit. They may be able to trade Lynch over to the Raiders for a draft pick or a player, or maybe even both. Either way, in Seattle, Lynch has hung up his cleats, but the Raiders, who will eventually be in Las Vegas, are going to help him get them down.


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