Free Agent QB Jay Cutler May Have Forced Himself Into Retirement

April 15, 2017

By Reid McEvoy


Former Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler is contemplating retirement. At the age of 33, the veteran is coming off his 11th season, which may end up being his last.


After his release from the Bears by his request, he hasn’t received much attention from any teams in the league. The only team that reportedly did approach him was the Jets, and they didn’t talk for very long, as soon after, Cutler’s former teammate, Josh McCown, signed a free agency deal with the team.


Cutler may now be regretting his decision to ask for his release, as he most likely thought he would get more attention and offers in free agency because of the lack of talent in the QB market. But instead, beyond the Jets and McCown, NFL teams looking for quarterbacks have moved on to the draft prospects of DeShaun Watson (Clemson), Mitchell Trubisky (North Carolina), DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame) and even Austin Apodaca (UNM), as well as many others.


So, Cutler’s plan may have backfired and forced him into retirement, or maybe it was his plan all along to simply leave the NFL altogether and get on with his outside life. We'll have to find out.


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