Chase Daniel, Josh McCown Emerge As Possible Options For Jets At QB

March 14, 2017

By Reid McEvoy


Once again, the Jets quarterback options have increased, with former Kansas City Chiefs and now former Philadelphia Eagles signal-caller Chase Daniel’s release today by his request. He will be eligible to sign with teams Tuesday, and it only makes sense the Jets will attempt to sign him, as they are in need of a quarterback.


Daniel likely asked for his release due to the lack of quarterback skill in the league, hoping for money and playing time because of it, as well as the fact the Eagles brought back quarterback Nick Foles.


The Jets also visited with Josh McCown Monday, and an interesting decision that is, as it seemingly appears they are passing on the biggest names available, Jay Cutler, Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick.


McCown, in a shortened season of five games with the Cleveland Browns, had 90 completions for 1,100 yards, as well as six touchdowns and six interceptions. Neither the Jets nor McCown expressed interest in the other at the start of free agency, but here they stand, talking over a possible deal. If he does sign with the Jets, it’ll be a transaction no one could have predicted.


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