Browns Pay Ridiculous Price In Adding Second Round Draft Pick, Osweiler In Shocking Trade With Texans

March 10, 2017


By Reid McEvoy


Is a second-round pick in the NFL draft worth $16 million?

Well, the Cleveland Browns seemingly believe it is, as they traded for failed Houston Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler and a second-round pick, as well as swapping compensatory fourth and sixth rounders.

But right after receiving Osweiler in the swap, the Browns were rumored to have put him on the trade block, with the added possibility of an outright release. If released, the Browns will incur a $16 million cap hit. There is also the chance, if Cleveland does trade him, it would pay half of his salary to his new team.

This, in a word, is ridiculous.

Even though the Browns are rebuilding following a 1-15 season, paying a minimum of $8 million for a second-round pick just doesn't add up.

No one was interested in Osweiler the player this offseason, and it was deemed nearly impossible for the Texans to rid themselves of quarterback who failed when given the keys to the franchise a year ago in free agency. That's why this trade was a complete shock.

The story of this trade hasn't been fully written yet, with many unanswered questions, so we’ll have to wait and see if the Browns can actually unload Osweiler’s mediocre skills and outrageous contract from here.


Either way, this was an odd move from a Cleveland franchise still struggling to become relevant.


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