NCAA Tournament Mascot Bracket Picks Conclude With National Championship Game, Villanova vs North Carolina

April 4, 2016

By Caitlin Flynn


Teams, and more accurately for us, mascots have come and gone this March and into April and we are now down to two teams playing for the right to be called national champions. We don't care much about the rebounding advantage, shooting percentage or momentum, however, but rather the strength of the final two team's mascots. 


As we've done this entire NCAA men's basketball tournament, to pretty darn good success if we say so ourselves, we are picking games based solely on the power of the mascot. So, Villanova's Wildcat and North Carolina's Tar Heel will be the reason we pick a national champion.


So, who will be crowned champion Monday night? We have the answer right here.


2 Villanova Wildcats

1 North Carolina Tar Heels

Winner: North Carolina Tar Heels


Did I or did I not say in the first installment of our March Mascot Madness that the North Carolina Tar Heels would win it all? Well, I did. Any team that has the balls to paint a LIVE ram's horns blue has no fear and will conquer all. Nova's Wildcats have played well, especially against Oklahoma last Saturday, but I believe that win has gone to those darned cats' heads. They are prancing around Houston like a typical cat, thinking they are better than everyone else and have already won the championship. This pride will be a detriment to Villanova, who will not be mentally prepared to fight the Tar Heels. The North Carolina Tar Heels, as predicted on Day 1, will be the 2016 National Champions.


Next year, y'all need to take my advice and fill out your brackets by mascot! In the end, the strongest mascot prevails. Only the strong survive.


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