NCAA Tournament Mascot Bracket Picks Continue With Final Four Matchups, Villanova vs Oklahoma, North Carolina vs Syracuse

April 1, 2016

By Caitlin Flynn

We are just two games away from crowning a men's basketball national champion, and just two games away from crowning our own version of the national champions, with a winner based solely on mascot supremacy. The Final Four might have some unexpected entrants, but one team still alive was our choice before the tournament began to win the whole thing ... North Carolina's Tar Heels.


But there is still the matter of the Final Four to navigate before reaching the Final One, and we have your breakdowns for the two matchups based on the program's mascots: Villanova Wildcats vs. Oklahoma Sooners and North Carolina Tar Heels against Syracuse Orangemen.


We've gone 20-8 since the opening round of the tournament, so there just might be something to picking games based on mascot supremacy. Make sure to also check back Sunday for our national championship game pick. 


2 Villanova Wildcats

2 Oklahoma Sooners

Winner: Oklahoma Sooners

I don't like cats. Especially cats from Philadelphia ... they just seem unsavory as individuals. Which makes this decision incredibly hard because being born and bred in Connecticut, I dislike most mid-westerners as well. However, I will swallow my corn and root for my new favorite mascot! The Oklahoma Sooner. It's the closest thing we have left to a dog in this competition. Lets go you little ponies! I'm an OK girl! 


1 North Carolina Tar Heels

10 Syracuse Orangemen

Winner: North Carolina Tar Heels

This is an easy one! Those damned oranges may try to trip up the Tar Heels, but in the end, North Carolina will squish them into pulp. The Orangemen will put up a decent fight, though. Tar Heels can still slip on a squished orange! Those courts are slippery! However, that being said, the Tar Heels will slide to victory - exactly what I have predicted from week one. Tar Heels will win it all!


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