NCAA Tournament Mascot Bracket Picks Continue With Elite Eight Matchups, Kansas vs Villanova, Oregon vs Oklahoma

March 26, 2016

By Caitlin Flynn


As the NCAA men's basketball tournament reaches its Elite Eight, we to turn our attention to the final eight mascots that remain standing. With two matchups Saturday night and then two more Sunday, we will look to continue what has been an enormously successful exercise in picking tournament winners based solely on a school's mascot supremacy.


Has it worked? Well, in the second round, we correctly predicted 13 out of the 16 matchups. In the Sweet 16, we picked six out of eight games correctly. All based on mascot supremacy. So, there's no stopping now, and here are Saturday's pair of Elite Eight games. We'll have Sunday's games up soon. And check back for the Final Four and championship games in the days ahead.


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1 Kansas Jayhawks

2 Villanova Wildcats

Winner: Kansas Jayhawks

Villanova's Will D. Cat is getting rather tired these days ... he is in need of a cat nap. Several high-scoring outings this tournaments have completely exhausted the Wildcats. Even if Will D. Cat is fully rested, the Kansas Jayhawks will fly circles around him. It doesn't take a zoologist to realize the Jayhawks will easily soar to victory. An airborne offense will demolish a ground game every time. And, remember, two legs and two wings will always beat four legs. 


1 Oregon Ducks

2 Oklahoma Sooners

Winner: Oregon Ducks

This is a very tricky matchup. Yes, the Sooners have a size and speed advantage, but the Ducks fight like Mike Tyson. Biting and scratching is just part of the game to Ducks. This will be a very physical game, but in the end, the Sooners will run away with their tails between their legs as the Oregon Ducks waddle to victory.


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