Our NCAA Tournament Mascot Bracket Picks Continue With Friday's Sweet 16 Matchups, Who Will Survive?

March 23, 2016

By Caitlin Flynn


If you weren't already ready to jump on the mascot bandwagon during our NCAA men's basketball tournament selections, then maybe a 13-3 second round record for us picking games simply by using the power of the mascot will finally tip you over. After all, with how crazy this tournament has been so far, picking 13 out of 16 games correctly is no easy task. But here we are and here we go into the Sweet 16.


You can read all of our picks by clicking for Thursday's first round here, Friday's first round here, Saturday's second round here and Sunday's second round here.


Or you can just sink your teeth into our Sweet 16 picks for Friday's games right now, featuring Iowa State vs. Virginia, Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame, Indiana vs. North Carolina and Gonzaga vs. Syracuse. Click here for Thursday's mascot picks.


4 Iowa State Cyclones

2 Virginia Cavaliers

Winner: Virginia Cavaliers

This will be a tremendous battle for the Cavaliers, but one they will emerge victorious from. The Cyclcones will try to circle and sway the Cavaliers offense, but those darn Cavaliers will be able to cut down anything the Cyclones throw at them with their swords. 


7 Wisconsin Badgers

6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Winner: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Badgers are known for building a strong defense and will aggressively attack those who try to breach it. However, that means nothing to the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Those darned Irishmen can take a beating, will just walk it off and come back for more. The stubbornness of the Irish will eventually penetrate the Badgers den. 


5 Indiana Hoosiers

1 North Carolina Tar Heels

Winner: North Carolina Tar Heels

These games are much longer than eight seconds. A Hoosier may be able to hold on for the bucking ride, but it will be short lived, as there is no way those Hoosiers will be able to hold on for the entirety of the matchup. The Tar Heels will quickly shake them off and stamp them into the court, leading to a overwhelming Tar Heels victory. 


11 Gonzaga Bulldogs

10 Syracuse Orangemen

Winner: Gonzaga Bulldogs

Is this the NCAA's version of the Puppy Bowl? Five Bulldogs and five little orange balls in a court to play with? Those orange balls roll fast and may be able to evade the Bulldogs for some time, but eventually every dog gets his bone, or in this case, orange ball. Looking forward to the Bulldogs "marking" the orange men.


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