CC Sabathia Finding Help For His Addiction Is Great, But There's No Need To Go On TV And Talk About It

November 6, 2015

By Kevin Cusmano


I respect Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia for checking himself into rehab, attempting to get help with his alcoholism. But, I'm sorry, there is no need to do an interview about it.

It's very sad how famous people get headlines for getting help (so they say). What's sad is how the people who really struggle with addiction and try to fight through it never get a second look, let alone a second chance like their famous counterparts.


Addiction is a scary thing. Trust me, I would know, but my story never made it on MLB Tonight.


My point is, people shouldn't feel sorry for those who go on TV and talk about addiction. Especially those who go on TV after only a month spent in rehab. They shouldn't talk about recovery. Ask the people who really struggle with addiction every day and aren't high priced athletes. That's the real story.


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