Yankees Are Falling Fast, Giving Little Effort Against Red Sox, White Sox, Plus Some Other Area Baseball Rants

September 30, 2015

By Kevin Cusmano


I'm not going to say the New York Yankees are falling fast, but that's exactly what we have witnessed over the past three weeks. The Yankees got outplayed by the Red Sox and simply didn't show up for the White Sox series.


Here's some things that are on my mind:

Jacoby Ellsbury should take his injury prone body back to Boston.

Chase Headley isn't worth $65 million. His numbers don't add up to his contract.


We know (Greg) Bird is the word because he is something special. 

How about CC pitching like the old CC Sabathia?


Matt Harvey could learn from Sabathia. How's that innings limit trash? You destroy teams by doing this. History hasn't been kind to those who believe in that sort of thing.

The Washington Nationals are my douche team of the year. They were a huge bust that did not live up to the hype of being the so-called class of the National Legaue East. They have a superstar in Bryce Harper who from what I can see is a punk. He got his head smashed into the bench by Jonathan Papelbon, which is the icing on the cake for this horrible season. The Nationals' suspended closer is a headcase himself, but had every right to say what he said. But nothing like that should ever happen in the dugout. Something like that can and should be dealt with in the privacy of the clubhouse.


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