WWE SummerSlam Predictions, Preview, Analysis, Debate: Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker, John Cena vs Seth Rollins, Randy Orton vs Sheamus

August 23, 2015

By Matt Straub


There is remarkable buzz around SummerSlam this year. The wrestlers have been making a ton of media appearances around New York. ESPN is going to be doing SportsCenter from Brooklyn Sunday. Tickets are going at an astronomical rate on secondary market sites. Jon Stewart is going to be the host, giving WWE a celebrity presence typically only found at the big show, WrestleMania.


The WWE has finally given the show its due as the second-biggest of the year by making it a four-hour event like WrestleMania. I wouldn’t want it to make too many shows four hours since the events would lose their luster if too many became “extravaganzas,” but I can see why WWE made this move. It’s a big show in the big city and a chance to get people really excited, which is exactly what happened this week. SummerSlam is a big deal, but this one feels special, which makes for a really fun night.


Can WWE take advantage of the big stage and put together the kind of show which can build on this momentum and keep some casual fans who will be checking this one out the way they swoop in for WrestleMania intrigued going forward?


The legwork is done, as WWE has put together a strong card with a little something for everyone on the show. Now it comes down to booking, which is why I don’t have a ton of faith. Let’s look at a big card and go over which matches will work, which will be duds, and make our bold predictions.


WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day


The Last Time WWE put on a seemingly random match between a bunch of tag teams I didn’t care about was at the Elimination Chamber, and it stole the show. Maybe this one will do the same and surprise me. I hope so, because I can’t think of another reason to watch it. I still don’t understand why they took the belts off the New Day in the first place, but maybe they’ll fix it here. At first glance it doesn’t make much sense to put all your tag teams into one match, but maybe they can create some new angles in this one.


Matt’s Prediction: The New Day gets the belts back and continues their reign as the best of a garbage division.


Brad's Prediction: Matt leaves out one big point about why the Elimination Chamber match worked so well ... it was a stipulation match that was taken to the next level when a bunch of people could be involved at once. It made the tag team version of the match work so much better than the singles version. However, here, having four tag teams in the ring, or blocking the view of the ring since so many will be on the outside of the ropes, is just way too many wrestlers to ever get a true feel for watching and enjoying a match. Tag team wrestling can be good, but having eight or nine guys in and around the ring is overkill. It will be a shock if this match turns out well, until the end, which is easy to make exciting, especially if there is a title change. For the teams involved, Los Matadores and the Lucha Dragons have no chance to win. The funny thing is if the Prime Time Players didn't have the belts I would say they don't have a shot either. They are boring. The New Day aren't boring. They get heat. They all can wrestle. But the question is: Do they need the belts to get over? No, they don't. But having them as champs can elevate the division and set up a new feud later which I'll get to. So, New ... Day ... Wins!


Stephen Amell & Neville vs. Stardust & King Barrett


I’m told Amell is an actor on something called “Arrow,” which I’m sure is a fine program. I typically don’t watch anything other than sports, so I’m not in his demographic. His inclusion, while painful to wrestling purists, is a good example of WWE getting younger fans involved by adding a celebrity to the mix. It’s good for the show, even if it won’t be good for the wrestling. Apparently Amell and Stardust have been feuding on Twitter for months, which is a sentence I never dreamed I would type. The other three will be able to do enough to hide Amell, unless he surprises us with some moves. He looks athletic, so hopefully he doesn’t embarrass himself. This is one of those matches which can be fine for what it is if the non-wrestler is used right or can be a disaster if it is done poorly. Speaking of being done poorly, Stardust and Barrett were together on Raw for a promo which has to be seen to be believed. It was cringe-worthy. But hey, Barrett isn’t wrestling Kofi Kingston on the preshow for once, so he has that going for him.


Matt’s Prediction: The easiest call of the night, as Amell isn’t doing this to lose.


Brad's Prediction: It's always hilarious to me when celebrities get involved and the wrestler they are suddenly attached to actually fight to get said celebrity into a match. What was Neville really thinking two weeks ago when he was in front of Triple H with some guy from a show on a secondary network pleading to be put into a match with him? Who the hell is this guy? And why do I have to be teammates with him? What the heck did I do to deserve this? This is stupid, right, Triple H? Please say it's stupid. Nope, Arrow got his wish and Neville acted excited Arrow got his wish, which has nothing to do with Neville himself. Oh well. I would actually wish Neville was taller, because if he was, I could see him in the main event picture in a year or so. He's listed at 5-foot-10, but he might be closer to 5-8, which without any charisma, which he doesn't have yet, it just doesn't work. OK, the match. The guy from Arrow will impress with a couple of cool moves that will make you go "wow" and Neville can always make you go "wow" with his aerial offensive game. King Barrett has been buried since becoming King Barrett, including losing a match to Neville in about 12 seconds two weeks ago on Raw. Stardust is interesting, but too "out there" to be anything but a mid-carder. In the real world, Barrett and Stardust win. But this isn't the real world, so the Arrow guy and Neville win, with Arrow getting the pin on Stardust.


Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro


I think, I hope, this is an example of booking a match which leads to something bigger. I won’t spoil a later pick, but there might be a title for these two to fight for down the line. I hope there is, since I want Owens to become an important part of the main roster, and we’ve seen too many people lose to John Cena and never be heard from again. Owens is too good for that, which is why I didn’t think losing to Cena would hurt him, but not making him relevant soon could start that slide. He needs to end up with the U.S. title if Cena loses it later in the night. He also needs to be separated from NXT once and for all if he is to be taken seriously. I get what WWE is doing by having NXT guys on WWE as a way to get people involved with both shows, but NXT, as good as it is, will always be the minor league promotion. Owens can’t be hanging around with the Triple-A team if he wants to be in the majors. You don’t see Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns continue to talk about NXT. If WWE wants Owens to be a big WWE star, they have to let someone else be the big draw in NXT and let Owens establish himself on the main roster. Having him wrestle in NXT the night before SummerSlam will please the small percentage of the fans who watch NXT and only care about good matches, but it hurts him from a storyline perspective and is a big mistake. Also, Cesaro is in this match, which I’m sure is nice for him.


Matt’s Prediction: Owens’ path to permanent stardom starts Sunday.


Brad's Prediction: I can't believe I'm going to type this out on my laptop, but everything Matt said about Kevin Owens is absolutely, 100 percent, no joke, correct. But the problem with Owens' path to stardom is John Cena's never-dying ego, which should be his slogan. Or tweak it a bit from "Never Give Up" to "Never Give Up My Spot." Selfish Cena didn't need to emerge from a fabulous feud with Owens with the US championship, especially since they were going to put him in the main event, going for the world title right after. Owens would have benefited so much more than Cena would by having the US title. It would also make people care about this match besides the obvious excitement of simply seeing two guys who can really wrestle go head-to-head. Remember, too, Owens is so much better at wrestling than Cena is. The dumbest thing I hear is that Cena raised Owens' game. The truth is it was the complete opposite. Owens made Cena look like the "rookie" in their matches, not the other way around. But Cena refuses to give up, and in turn, refuses to lose. So, that was a giant lost opportunity for the WWE. One small thing Matt is off-base with is saying Owens needs to wind up with the US title when and if Cena loses it later in the night against Seth Rollins. If Owens does it that way, he'll be the guy who couldn't beat Cena for the title. After that entire feud with Cena, Owens ends up with the US title from someone other than Cena? It makes no sense, but probably is what will happen, because the WWE rarely makes sense. I like the other guy in the match, Cesaro, as well, but I'm not sure he's main-event material based on his look, which goes a long way in wrestling, or sports entertainment. He actually would make more sense as US champion than Owens would. I could see either win this match, but Owens has to get a big victory on PPV more than Cesaro does. Owens it is and we'll wait for his next step.


Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D. vs. PCB


WWE took a good idea here and ended up with too much of a good thing. Instead of giving the Divas division a much-needed infusion of talent by introducing a couple of new performers, WWE basically elevated anyone who was good in NXT. It was too much too soon and made the division a mess again. The good news is there are now enough wrestlers who can actually wrestle to make a Divas match watchable. Charlotte, Becky and Sasha are probably better than anyone who was on the roster before the “revolution” besides Paige. There are too many now, however, to give anyone enough time to make us care about their character in any meaningful way, making this match just a bunch of Divas hitting each other.


Matt’s Prediction: Whichever team Paige is on. That’s PCB, which it took me way too long to figure out from WWE.com’s match preview.


Brad's Prediction: The WWE capitalizing on the height of women's sports right now was brilliant, but to fully do it, they needed to bring in a host of new women's wrestlers, which they did. I get what Matt is saying, as if they brought in one, then they could challenge for the title and we could also focus on their rise to that spot. But just introducing one wouldn't be the revolution they were looking for, so it had to be several. The good part is the women that have come up can all wrestle, and they are all better than the current crop of Divas on the roster, including the Bella twins, which one of them is going to become the longest tenured champion of all time soon. Of course, that is a joke because the Bella twins can't wrestle. But I will say they are getting better. But for those rushing to give them all the credit for improving, I'll always ask why did they start getting better now, to try and raise their game to the new wrestlers, and not before when they had years to do it. A little late to the party if you ask me. But I digress. For Paige, she seems to have an attitude problem, at least that's what it seems from watching Tough Enough, where she's quick to destroy contestants for simply learning to wrestle as a judge. Whether it's jealousy or being angry because a new Diva will enter the fray from a television show, it's not a good look. As for this match, putting everybody together in one match has to happen because they all need to be displayed on a big stage, but it does make the winner inconsequential. But Team BAD is a little more ready for primetime than the PCB group, so they win and one will emerge as a true challenger for the Divas title and probably win it right after Nikki Bella eclipses AJ Lee's record title reign.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev


Dolph Ziggler and his girlfriend, Lana, are feuding against Rusev and his new girlfriend, Summer. Lana is at the heart of this feud, with her current beau and former lover fighting over her. This has never been done before and should be exciting. Oh wait, this happens all the time and is just stupid and a total waste of two talented wrestlers. Also, I don’t get Summer at all. She’s not particularly good at her role and miscast in many of her feuds as the heel’s girlfriend. She’s just not good as a wrestler or an interesting character. There are any number of other Divas who could slip into that role and do a better job. Also, I’ve talked way too much about the Divas in this preview. Thankfully, this is the end of that. As for the match itself, it could be a good one if left to the wrestlers, but we all know that won’t happen.


Matt’s Prediction: Ziggler wins when Summer somehow costs Rusev the match.


Brad's Prediction: First, Summer is right for this current role for all the reasons Matt lays out. She's not good at anything, so having her the "girlfriend" is the easiest way to get her on television without embarassing herself in the ring on her own. I don't know why she needs to be on TV, though, as I don't think she's as attractive as the WWE wants us all to buy into. And I'll be the first to say the same about the men's division (Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper, for example, can't be world champion because they are both weird looking). Dolph Ziggler is very close to his time being up as a possible world title contender. He's been mirred in the mid-card for so long now that people are going to stop caring very soon. The WWE most likely ruined his main event career. He's Joba Chamberlain, the former Yankees pitcher who was a top prospect, burst onto the scene and became a star, only to have his career destroyed because he was misused and reused throughout his time in New York. Now, Joba Rules is in the minors with Kansas City. Ziggler is headed in that direction. Rusev was another guy who had the chance to rise to the top, but was buried by John Cena. Again, if the US title is around Rusev's waist right now it means much more than with Cena. But I should learn to accept Cena's "Never Give Up My Spot" mantra. In the ring, fighting over girlfriends and ex-girlfriends is stupid and no reason to make a feud. Lana is a much better character with Rusev than she is as the do-nothing second to Ziggler. But she'll get involved here and likely will have an Attitude Era cat fight with Summer, which should be fun. My guess here is Lana turns on Ziggler, goes back to Rusev, and Ziggler and Summer both get a serious beatdown, setting up a mixed tag team match at the next PPV.


Intercontinental Champion Ryback

vs. Big Show vs. The Miz (Triple Threat Match)


The WWE did a good job using Ryback’s injury as time to build this feud and give this match some real depth from a storyline perspective. The problem is, the Miz is the only character you would want to see in any kind of depth. There’s a reason they chant “Please retire” at Big Show, and Ryback has never learned how to master a promo. WWE has tried to give him a personality, but the one time they gave him an extended promo to try and tell his story made those who somehow got through it want to cry. The Miz should win this, but he is often better chasing faces than he is as a heel champion.


Matt’s Prediction: Ryback wins while we all run to the bathroom.


Brad's Prediction: Ryback and Big Show are two of the biggest examples of what the WWE wants in its wrestlers ... be big. That's it. Ryback is a robot, without personality nor talent. Big Show should never be wrestling for a title, especially the IC belt. He should be in the Kane role, only occassionally getting in the ring to wrestle. He doesn't have to retire, but he also can't be in this spot. And the "punch" is the worst finisher in the history of everything. The Miz is the only one of this group who should be IC champion. Heck, a champion of anything. But you have to put yourself in the mind of a WWE booker here and realize Ryback has the best shot at continuing a strange reign as IC champion.


Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns


OK, now we’re on to the meat of the card. This match involves two teams who are much better together than apart. Wyatt is great as the leader of his “family,” which helps him make some of his maniacal rantings come off as more sensible. He’s a crazed cult leader, not a single guy who hates everyone for no reason, which made no sense. Meanwhile, for as much as I wanted to see WWE give Reigns time to grow, he works better right now as a cool guy’s big friend/bodyguard. He fits really well with Ambrose, and the two have had chemistry dating back years now. Tag teams work much better when the characters are shown to care about each other, which makes this one work. There has been a lot of talk about one of the former Shield members turning on the other in Brooklyn, but I just don’t see it. If it happens, WWE is missing out on a chance to rebuild some of the luster the two had as members of the Shield and putting them into a feud which wouldn’t work since it was already mangled when Rollins left the Shield. If they didn’t stay mad at him, why would one turn on the other now, and why would I expect them to hate each other more than they did Rollins?


Matt’s Prediction: The faces win, though I admit I could be way off on this one. I don’t see the Wyatt Family winning cleanly, but they could if one of the faces turns.


Brad's Prediction: I've written this so much people might not want to hear it anymore, but Bray Wyatt should have a much better career right now than he does. He should be in the main event picture. He's one of the very few people who could legitimately defeat Brock Lesnar in a title match, let alone Seth Rollins or anyone else for that matter. Wyatt is the real deal, with the entrance and ability to live at the top of the card. But the WWE doesn't see it that way and it's too bad. Instead, we get Cena again fighting for a world title. Luke Harper is real good in the ring, but his persona will only allow him to reach secondary title status. He's perfect in the Wyatt family for that reason. Remember earlier when I hinted at a possible opponent for New Day if and when they win the tag team titles? How about Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose? Talk about elevating a once proud and now in the toilet tag team championship, putting Reigns and Ambrose against New Day would do that instantly. You may say Reigns and Ambrose are too big for the tag titles, but it wasn't that long ago when the US champion and IC champion were both big stars, John Cena, still, and Daniel Bryan, who gave up the IC belt due to injury. With the Shield owning the tag team titles, or chasing them, it automatically elevates those belts and it's a big deal when they are on the line at a PPV. It's also a great way to get a belt on Reigns before his eventual run at a world title happens again. The New Day get a huge push as well from it. It's perfect. So my dream booking would be Reigns and Ambrose to win here, and then decide to go after the tag titles the next night on Raw. Wyatt will go on to bigger things as a singles competitor with Harper by his side, getting in the title picture. Will it happen? Probably not. But it should. Picking a straight-up winner here, I'll go with the Reigns and Ambrose for no real reason other than the WWE loves Reigns.


Randy Orton vs. Sheamus


I’ve really enjoyed this feud, even if it doesn’t really matter. I can’t see Sheamus cashing in Sunday, and Orton has fallen out of the title picture. Still, these two have done very well to create heat and their interactions have often been violent and fun to watch. This one is kind of like a college football game between two teams ranked in the 20s who have good offenses. It doesn’t really matter, but should be fun to watch.


Matt’s Prediction: Sheamus needs the win to keep him strong before he eventually cashes in.


Brad's Prediction: Matt might be the only one liking this feud. For me, and others I would guess, it's the same match we've seen 1,000 times between these two. It shows how desperate the WWE is for new guys to rise to the top of the card. Sheamus has to win, because in theory, with the Money in the Bank briefcase, he's going to be champion soon. A soon-to-be-champion can't keep losing, can he? Orton has his finisher, but bores me otherwise. Sheamus finally gets a big win.


 U.S. Champion John Cena

vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins


Monday night proved once again why Seth Rollins has much work left to do to become a consistent performer. He’s fine in the ring and his good promos are outstanding, but he has too many nights where he struggles. On the final Raw before his showdown with John Cena, the World champ did nothing memorable while Cena sold the entire match, explaining the meaning of winning both titles and putting Rollins in his place as Triple H’s, ahem, protégé. If you were on the fence about buying the show, Cena’s promo, which showed what he can do when WWE puts over his edgy side and stops having him play to 12-year-olds all the time, got you to spend money. Rollins can be interesting and fits well as part of the Authority, but he continues to be the B-side, as they call it in boxing, too often. Rollins is the guy fighting Lesnar, the guy Cena’s wrestling, etc. To his point, you don’t buy a show to watch Rollins, you watch the show to see someone wrestle Rollins. There’s plenty of guys who fill that role well, but they’re not champion.


And yes, I know I said in recent months how much Rollins was growing on me, but he has greatly regressed of late.


None of that matters, however. For as much as Cena’s speech about trying Ric Flair’s record made the potential history of this match meaningful, he won’t do it in Brooklyn. Rollins gets his statue and Cena goes into the U.S. title tournament. If he’s going to win title No. 16, now is the time when the WWE has a bunch of extra eyes on the show, and many of those people can only name Cena, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. Still, I can’t see it happening.


Matt's Prediction: Rollins is too good in his role of having the A-side chase him, even if his bad nights make me wonder if he’ll ever be the A-side.


Brad's Prediction: I disagree with Matt here about Cena selling the match. Cena didn't do anything to make me want to pay for the PPV if I was on the fence. He actually just made me shake my head. Him saying he's going for history, trying to become a 16-time world champion, means nothing to me.


I never bought into the amount of title reigns one wrestler has, because if it's a ton, it means he's not a very good champion to begin with. Or he wasn't a clear champion in his era, as the belt was interchangeable. You think the WCW title under Vince Russo meant anything? You think the WWE having two world titles was a legit way to count title reigns? Ric Flair is a 16-time world champion, which means he lost the belt 15 times. Is that something to be proud of? Plus, he actually won only two WWE world titles, with six WCW titles and eight NWA world title belts thrown in to make the record. Does that even count? Hulk Hogan, one of the best wrestlers of all time, won six WWE world titles and another six WCW title reigns. Is Flair that much better than Hogan because he won four more titles? Of course not. Stone Cold Steve Austin won six WWE titles and he just might be the best champion of them all. The Rock won seven WWE world titles and even two WCW titles, which automatically devalues that whole number. Does anyone believe The Rock is better than Austin? But, hey, he has nine world titles to Austin's six. Edge won nine world titles. Randy Orton is a 12-time champion. So, the number of titles won means nothing.


For as much as people want to believe Cena puts the business above all else, just look at how he himself has devalued the world title, saying he had made the US title bigger than the world title Seth Rollins has. Are you kidding me? How big of an ego maniac do you have to be to even think to say that? Cena's probably upset he's been regulated to the secondary card and most likely complained to Vince McMahon and forced his way into getting yet another world title match. It's just a guess, but does anyone believe Cena wouldn't do that? After all, this is the same guy that has buried wrestler after wrestler who needed a push more than he needed a secondary belt. But with the US title, he can sell T-shirts saying the champ is here and spouting off boring catchphrases that contradict everything he supposedly stands for. If you couldn't tell, I'm not a Cena fan. I'm also not eight years old, so I might be in the majority.


Cena saying Rollins is Triple H's b**ch also doesn't make any sense. I don't remember Triple H helping Rollins keep his title belt by interfering in matches, so Rollins has actually earned his victories and title defenses. So what if Rollins is the favorite of the bosses? That makes him a b**ch? Of course, it's nice to see Cena cursing to all of his young fans as well. Too PC of me? I don't care, but Cena is supposed to be a squeaky clean guy, no? Only when he wants to be.


Rollins needs a victory in the worst way. A clean victory. If the WWE wants to make Cena champion again, there's nothing Rollins or we can do about it. It'll happen and another career will go down the drain. But if they really want to create a new superstar, a superstar that can be a standalone believable champion, Rollins has to get a pinfall victory. Matt is right when he says Rollins isn't there yet. He's not. But a win at SummerSlam could put him very close. The question is: Will Cena let him get there?


Rollins was good to say that he's the cure to wipe out the disease that is John Cena on Monday night. That John Cena is the villian. To many, he is. Now, it's up to Rollins, and hopefully the WWE bookers, to make it happen. Probably going against logic here, but I'm picking Rollins to get the pinfall victory. Cena can win the US title back on Raw and we can all go to sleep while it happens.


Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker


I’ll be honest, I haven’t loved the way this match has been set up. The Undertaker came off as kind of a jerk for costing Lesnar the title against Rollins, especially since he could have just asked for the rematch and Lesnar would have been happy to oblige. Then, on Raw, he hit Lesnar with another sneak attack which included a low blow. It’s almost as though he’s the heel, and he doesn’t have the right to be this vindictive against Lesnar since he lost to Lesnar fair and square the first time. Still, this is a big match with a couple of huge stars in the ring and the kind of match which rightfully will main event the biggest SummerSlam ever.


The only issue I have is the all-too likely outcome. The Undertaker has to win to set up the third and final match in the trilogy, which I imagine will be at Wrestlemania 32. It makes sense to do it sooner, but if you waited 14 months for Round 2, you might as well wait a few months for the third match and have it on the other four-hour PPV.


Finally, a thought on Lesnar. He’s a physical freak and works incredibly well in that role. I don’t have any problem with him main eventing the show. But I had a thought watching his “work” on Raw Monday, when he stood there while Paul Heyman put him and the match over. Paul Heyman is so good at his job, I was listening to him and imagining other wrestlers standing in the ring. If Ryback or some other monster stood there silently and let Heyman work his magic, would it work? I’m not sure, but the fact that I even thought of it shows you just how good Heyman is.


Matt’s Prediction: The Undertaker evens the series and forces a third match at a later date while Lesnar wonders why he came back if all they’re going to do is have him lose big matches.


Brad's Prediction: I think Matt is missing the point of why Undertaker is so angry with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. For those 14 months Matt talked about, Undertaker had to listen to both Lesnar and Heyman crow about how they ended The Streak. How they were using the victory over the Undertaker to further their spots in the WWE. Sure, Lesnar is nearly unbeatable, but with the way he and Heyman keep pointing to breaking Undertaker's streak to pump their own egos, it would only make sense Undertaker would be pissed about it. Not just the loss, but how they keep rubbing it in. So, when Undertaker returned at Battleground to destroy Lesnar it was completely believable and plausible. I got it. The crowd got it, as they went insane when the lights went out and the bell rung. Jerk? No. No right to be this vindictive? He has every right. I won't even go into the scenario where Matt wants Undertaker to show up at Lesnar's ranch and polietly ask for a title match. Kick in the groin? You gotta do what you gotta do.


For me, this match makes complete sense and is long overdue.


Before I go further into the match, a quick retort to Matt's point on Paul Heyman. I think Heyman is great, and he was the reason I got back into wrestling in the late 90s when I discovered the greatness of ECW. But Heyman is so great now because he has Lesnar by his side. Remember, Heyman tried the same thing with Cesaro and look at how quickly that was scraped. Ryback? Heyman wouldn't waste his time. Plus, it wouldn't be believable, because everyone wouldn't buy into it. Heyman's great, but Lesnar has as much a part of it by just being there.


Does Undertaker have to win this match, as Matt says? I actually don't think so. Typically when a wrestler gets the better of his foe the Monday before a big PPV match it means he's going to lose. Now, that doesn't always happen, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Undertaker lost and that was it for him in the WWE. The WWE could have simply brought him in, and given him a ton of money, to make this SummerSlam event special, which it is, with Undertaker-Brock Lesnar as the headliner. Take away this match and the card is just so-so. Imagine four hours on PPV without this match. What would you be waiting for? Certainly not Cena-Rollins.


It does makes sense to have the series tied at one going into WrestleMania, and it does let Lesnar take more time off and not have the belt around his waist while he's on the sideline. If he's worried about a third Undertaker match, he's not worried about beating Rollins for the title, which means Rollins, or anyone else can stay at the top of the card without everyone believing they are just there until Lesnar wants a title shot. I can see either winning this main event, which is the sign of a solid buildup.


Now, finally, who wins ... I love the Undertaker. He's been my favorite since I was a kid and I still get chills when he comes down to the ring, so this is going to be a special moment for me and everyone who loves Taker. I love watching Brock Lesnar in the ring as well. Him tossing around huge men like rag dolls is beyond impressive. I'm going to take my smark hat off for this one and just go with my youth and my fandom. Undertaker wins and gets his revenge.


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