Cusmano: Sports Should Be About Bringing Loved Ones Together

August 22, 2015

By Kevin Cusmano


As sports fans we sometimes get caught up in everything that's taking place. We live and die with each pitch or touchdown. We use sports as an escape from our everyday lives. It helps take you to a place where we dreamed as kids, wishing that was you throwing that pitch. 


It's just sports, that's the reality of it. 


What makes watching or playing these sports is your family, friends and your pets.Life brings us all sorts of things good and bad or win or lose, and you have to just understand sports is something we have and should always use to bring people together.


Life is too short. Enjoy your teams' success. Love the people who love you.  


In the end in sports a loss is just a numbers game. In life it isn't. 


R.I.P. Spunky!



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