With Dave Dombrowski In Charge, Red Sox Have A Lot Of Building To Do To Get Back In AL East Contention

August 20, 2015

By Kevin Cusmano


Red Sox Nation must be very confused by all the front office moves the team has made recently. The Red Sox are just two years removed from a World Series title, yet that appears to seem like a long time ago to the fan base and organization. 

No one is sure why all these moves are happening. 

With David Dombrowski as the team's new president of baseball operations, the search for a new general manager is underway. Well, sort of, as some names have been thrown out there as possible replacements for Ben Cherington, but they won't have the power a typical GM would hold.

Nobody could have thought it could get this bad this quick in Boston.

Don't be surprised to see the Red Sox unload some high price contracts this offseason and try to rebuild while adding players with not-so-high price tags to try and make noise again in the American League East. 

This has been a lost season for the Red Sox, which should give the team a rare shot at a high draft pick. I'm not saying the Sox will draft the next Cy Young, but Boston needs to try to build with pitching from within. 

The Red Sox have some nice young players at the big league level now who will help them in the coming years. Red Sox Nation better hope this team starts making the right decisions or this will get even worse than it already is.


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