What Would George Have Done? Yankees Hierarchy Need To Channel Inner Boss If They Miss Postseason

August 14, 2015

By Kevin Cusmano


The New York Yankees have blown an 8.5-game lead in the American League East and now sit in second place in the division. If George Steinbrenner was still alive, he'd be flippin, going crazy.


The Yankees are on the verge of going three years without postseason baseball. George wouldn't stand for this and jobs would be on the line. I know it's not always fair to blame the manger, but Joe Girardi has to be held accountable. You know George would be using the media to get his point across. Not saying the Yankees will miss the playoffs, but if they do, Hal Steinbrenner should take a page out of the old man's playbook.


It's something that has to be done if the Yankees miss the playoffs again. Bringing in a new voice may be just what this team needs to get back into the playoffs. Maybe Buck Showalter would come back and finally get that long-awaited ring as Yankees manager.


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