Television Killed Sports Talk Radio, But Hopefully There's Still Time To Save The Once Proud Tradition

August 14, 2015

By Kevin Cusmano


Whatever happened to sports talk radio simply being about talking sports on the radio? Radio was great when it was just that - radio - and not the seen-on-TV version it has become. Nowadays, we have an intro song for just about every highlight. Radio hosts talk about their personal lives ... Sorry, but I want to hear about the teams I follow, not how your wife's cooking is awful.

Putting radio shows on television has hurt sports talk because now everyone wants to be a star. It's not just about talking sports anymore, but a host trying to create a persona. Mike Francesca isn't enjoying the TV life right about now, especially with his Fox Sports 1 simulcast soon to be banished to FS2 after the arrival of Colin Cowherd. But others relish the exposure.

ESPN radio is a joke, with their wide-array of talking clowns who believe they know sports, but in reality, destroy them by discussing them. 

Look at Chris "Mad Dog" Russo. TV made him believe he could hold his own on Sirius thanks to the success of the Mike and the Mad Dog radio show on both YES and WFAN. That certainly hasn't worked out so well. 

Sports talk radio is simple, so let's keep it to sports talk and just sports talk.


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