Phil Jackson Needs To Focus On Putting Together The Winner He Promised Knicks Fans When He Arrived, And Keep Quiet While Doing It

August 14, 2015


By Kevin Cusmano


As we get set for what should be a great weekend of baseball for both the New York Yankees and New York Mets, I have to vent about another New York sports franchise.


Phil Jackson came to Madison Square Garden and gave one hell of an introductory press conference when he arrived as the new leader of the New York Knicks. As we know, the season never came close to what Jackson promised, which was putting together a playoff contender. We didn't see or hear much from Jackson during the season. But now that the season is long over and we're quickly approaching a new one, all New York basketball fans hear about is another ridiculous quote or tweet made by the Knicks boss.


Hey Phil, here's a bit of advice ... shut up.


Nobody wants to hear how you believe a 17 win team, that's right, a 17 win team, fought all year. Enough with knocking everyone else, Phil, and tell the fans who pay tons and tons of money to see this so-called competitive team play, that you sold them an empty bag of goods.


Your only all-star, Carmelo Anthony, says he'll end his season after the All-Star break then he'll worry about his injuries. Please. There's no leadership whatsoever with these Knicks.


I'm sure Mr. Dolan is wondering how he can get Jackson out of town before it gets worse.


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