Mets Storylines Heading Into June, Including Six-Man Rotation, Ruben Tejada Starting At 3B, Dillon Gee

June 1, 2015

By Matt Straub


Here are the biggest storylines facing the New York Mets as the calendar turns to June and starts with a series against the San Diego Padres.


1. The six-man rotation goes into full effect this week, when Dillon Gee starts Wednesday. With so many young pitchers whose inning totals the team will want to monitor, this could help. It also lets the Mets showcase everyone at once as they start thinking about next month’s trade deadline. Also, giving Matt Harvey’s elbow an extra day is always a good idea these days as he tries to find his form again.


2. Ruben Tejada is the third baseman until David Wright comes back, and the Mets hope making this clear gives them some stability there. Wright doesn’t sound very close to coming back, so the Mets will need role players like Tejada to step up. Perhaps having Mets manager Terry Collins show some faith in him will get Tejada confident and rolling.


3. Gee is back after missing a month, but was doing very well before he got hurt. If he can get it right back, the Mets’ rotation will be even more stacked, which is important considering the team’s lack of big name offense.


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