Red Sox Storylines Heading Into Memorial Day Series With Twins, Including Mike Napoli, David Ortiz

May 25, 2015

By Matt Straub


Here are the biggest storylines facing the Boston Red Sox heading into Memorial Day and a series with the Minnesota Twins.


1. Mike Napoli has grown tired of my insults. He hit five homers and batted over .400 in the last homestand, starting to look like the red-hot hitter he was all spring. He’s finally healthy, and my prediction of 30 home runs no longer looks horrible.


2. Once upon a time the Twins tried to turn David Ortiz into an opposite-field hitter. Part of the reason they got rid of him was his unwillingness to be coached to do so. He hit 20 homers and 32 doubles despite missing 40 games in his last season with the Twins, but they got rid of him anyway. He has spent his career since making them pay for their decision, putting up ridiculous numbers against them. He has, however, been awful so far this year, so something has to give. If Ortiz is going to get hot, this is the series it starts.


3. The Red Sox made major changes to the batting order recently, and have gotten plenty of clutch hits since. Is it just because of the wake-up call the change provided, or will this lineup get some chemistry and stay hot?


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