Our Great NCAA Mascot Bracket Continues In Round 2, With Spartans, Blue Devils, Aztecs, Terrapins, Ducks, Badgers, Jayhawks & More In Battle

March 22, 2015

By Caitlin Flynn


There's one more day of games before the NCAA men's basketball tournament takes a break for a few days, but we have you covered for the final eight matchups before we reach the Sweet 16.


If you haven't been following along already, we're doing things a little differently than simply picking winners based on conventional means. Forget about seeds; forget about records; forget about if one team has the best collection of players in the nation and is going against five seniors with ultimate chemistry. No, we're not going by any of that. We're picking winners based on the team's mascots. Yes, mascots.


With how everyone's brackets have gone so far, this might not be as bad a strategy as you might think. Here are our picks for the eight Sunday matchups. Make sure to let us know your winners below and check back Thursday for more Mascot Madness.




No. 7 Michigan State Spartans vs. No. 2 Virginia Cavaliers

The Cavaliers remind me of Chevy Chase and the Three Amigos, with very similar outfits. Any warrior with a feather in his cap will lose. Crafty comic timing and fake sword fighting is no match for a Spartan Warrior.

Winner: Spartans



No. 8 San Diego State Aztecs vs. No. 1 Duke Blue Devils

Doesn't make a difference how many rituals or student sacrifices the Aztecs perform, or threaten to, they are no match for a Blue Devil, even if that Devil is French.

Winner: Blue Devils





No. 7 Wichita State Shockers vs. No. 2 Kansas Jayhawks

Impressive but futile camouflage by the Shockers in fields of wheat is no match for the keen eyesight and killer attitude of the Jawhawk.

Winner: Jayhawks






No. 11 Dayton Flyers vs. No. 3 Oklahoma Sooners

Man simply was not born with wings. Eventually, the Flyers will come back down from the sky and be trampled by Sooner and Boomer pulling the Schooner. 

Winner: Sooners





No. 7 Iowa Hawkeyes vs. No. 2 Gonzaga Bulldogs

The Bulldogs have an unconventional offense, known for drowning out its opponents with sound (snoring) and smell (gas).  The Hawkeyes will not be able to get near the Bulldog, who will control the entire arena with ease.

Winner: Bulldogs




No. 8 Oregon Ducks vs. No. 1 Wisconsin Badgers

It's a battle of the ages for pond supremacy, as this matchup will be decided in water. The Badger's fierce tail and architectural expertise ensure victory over the Ducks. The Flying V is no match for the strong defense of the Badgers.

Winner: Badgers



No. 5 West Virginia Mountaineers vs. No. 4 Maryland Terrapins

The Terrapin's strong defense of being able to hide in its shell for great lengths of time is impressive, but you still have to score to win. Any offensive move by the Terrapins will be quickly extinguished by the quick shooting of the Mountaineer. 

Winner: Mountaineers



No. 5 Northern Iowa Panthers vs. No. 4 Louisville Cardinals

This one is a no-contest, as the Panthers will overtake the Cardinals easily. The Panther's ability to strategically attack its prey, even from a position of height, will be no match for a flamboyantly red, tiny appetizer ... I mean, Cardinal.

Winner: Panthers


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