Top 10 List: We Rank The 10 Most Intimidating Sports Logos From Both Professional And College

February 28, 2015

If you're a sports fan, you know how important a team's logo is. Introduce a new logo or change an existing one and sports fans from around the world will chime in on what they think about it, the good, bad and ugly. The Cleveland Browns made a small change to its current logo and the internet went wild this week.


Of course, we're no different here at GameDay is Here. But we noticed there was one group of logos that is often overlooked when counting down the best in the business. So, we've rectified that by creating our own Top 10 list of the most intimidating sports logos today, the ones that are designed to strike fear into the opposition.


We polled five members of the team here at GameDay and came up with the one and only top 10 list of the most intimidating logos in sports, which, believe it or not, is the rarest of all logos. As always, we want to hear what you think, whether you agree or not, in the comments section below.



If you look into the bull's eyes, you can't say you wouldn't freak out if you came face to face with it. The flaming nostrils and horns make for an intimidating logo, especially with the overall angry demeanor portrayed in the bull's red and black face. The Bulls logo held off the Baltimore Ravens and the San Jose Sharks logos for the 10th spot. The Bulls were listed as high as No. 3 on one ballot.



Two voters had the Philadelphia Eagles logo ranked as high as No. 6, and it's not hard to see why. The eagle may not appear to be a menacing creature, but add an attacking beak, a crazed look in the eye and the appearance of the animal in flight, ready to attack, and you have one heck of an intimidating logo.



If the ready-to-fight (or worse) Demon Deacon face above doesn't at least give you the creeps than you're tougher than most. Wake Forest is based in Winston Salem and is a Southern Baptist college, which automatically congers up theology and religious aspects - in the creepiest way possible. The Demon Deacon was listed as high as No. 4 on one ballot and No. 5 on another.



The Wests Tigers professional rugby team's logo couldn't be denied in our vote, even though it could have been considered an underdog (or tiger). The tiger logo is easily the fiercest of the many, many logos that hold the same nickname. The Wests logo is simply ready to maul anyone in its path. That was good enough for one ballot to have the Wests Tigers logo at No. 2.



The Binghamton Bearcats may not be a household name, but their logo definitely sets them apart from most other college programs. The green beast has just one intention here, to do bodily harm to whomever is in its path. Binghamton was listed on four of five ballots and reached No. 4 on two of those.



While the previous five teams in our rankings were very close in total points, our final five were in its own class. It starts with the New Orleans Voodoo of the Arena Football League. The witch doctor-type logo above fits right into the underground New Orleans scene that, yes, involves voodoo. That underground, and corresponding logo, is flat-out scary and something no one wants to get involved with. The Voodoo was named on three of five ballots, but was high on those, ranking No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4.



The two huge fangs coming out of the predator's mouth above could make this logo the most hellish on our list. The silver color doesn't help ease anyone's fears, as the Predators logo appears to be half-machine, half-beast. That plays right into the Predators moniker. Not surprisingly, the Predators logo is the first on our list to receive a first-place vote. It was listed on four of five ballots, with ranks at No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 10. With those impressive numbers, you know the top three have to be great.



We've seen this intimidating Oakland Raiders logo so much that it may have lost a twinge of its aura. But make no mistake, this logo still strikes fear into any opposition. It represents intimidation. It represents violence. It represents criminal activity. The logo represents some really bad dudes, none of which you'd ever want to mess with. The Raiders logo was scary enough to garner a first-place vote from our panel. It was named on four of five ballots, with ranks of No. 1, No. 3, No. 5 and No. 7.



There's just something intimidating and flat-out creepy about this blue hawk with evil yellow eyes. That's not to mention its huge wing that could be hiding God knows what behind it. Monmouth may not be on the major college sports map, but its logo certainly is. It's one of the darkest logos on our list and, obviously, made a great impact on our voters to come in at No. 2 overall. It received one first place vote and was placed in the top five on four ballots. One ballot left Monmouth off, but that didn't slow its momentum, with ranks of No. 1, No. 3, No. 5, and No. 5. While those ranks were impressive, they weren't anywhere near our No. 1 most intimidating logo in pro and college sports.



The Army Black Knight sliced its way to the top spot on our most intimidating logo list, becoming the far and away winner. Army was the only logo voted upon that was named on all five of our ballots. It got one first-place vote, two second-place votes, one fourth-place vote and one fifth-place vote. The difference between No. 1 Army and No. 2 Monmouth was huge. The black knight holding the sword proved to be unbeatable, and there's no question the intimidation factor was turned on high. The caped-warrior is ready for battle and none of us would be able to stop him, or even challenge him. Simply put, Army nailed its logo and is clearly the most intimidating sports logo in the world. I dare you to tell the black knight above otherwise.


Agree or disagree? Have your own thoughts? Did we miss a logo? Let us know in the comments section below.


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