Super Bowl Individual Prop Bet Picks, Including Bill Belichick's Hoodie, Over, Under Bets On Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, LeGarrette Blount, Rob Gronkowski, Many More

February 1, 2015

By Brad Carroll


For football fans and people in general, there's nothing like the Super Bowl. From the parties to the commercials to the actual game, seemingly everyone in the country will be watching at some point or another Sunday night. Of course, there's also the betting, from buying office squares to friendly wagers with friends, to the more intricate, and more fun for football fans, proposition bets.


With that in mind, here are some of the best prop bets available and where you should put your money if you so choose. We even have a place where you can bet on the game right now by clicking here. Our prop suggestions are merely for fun.


Here is our picks on player proposition bets. Our team prop bets are here.


Most completions?

Tom Brady -6.5 -115; Russell Wilson +6.5 -115

Wilson averaged 18 completions per game during the regular season, while Brady averaged 23 completions during the same span. Both teams are going to want to establish the run, so take the six completions and go with Wilson.


Most touchdown passes?

Brady -0.5 -135; Wilson +0.5 +105

This one appears to be a no-brainer on Brady.


Most rushing yards?

Marshawn Lynch -23.5 -115; LeGarrette Blount +23.5 -115

Blount had 148 yards on 30 carries against the Colts in the AFC title game, but just one yard on three carries against Baltimore in the divisional round. That was by design, as the Patriots knew they had to beat the Ravens throwing the ball. Lynch had 25 carries for 157 yards against the Packers in the NFC title game and 59 yards on 14 carries against the Panthers before that. Lynch is going to get his carries and he will get yards, but the Patriots can never be trusted when it comes to going with a featured back. So, take Lynch and give up the big amount of yards.


Who will score more points?

Stephen Gostkowski -120; Stephen Hauschka -110

I have a final score of Seahawks 31, Patriots 28, so that leads to a play on Hauschka.


What color hoodie will Bill Belichick wear?

Grey -115; Blue +115

Call me crazy, but I believe Belichick will try and add some class to his Super Bowl attire and will wear a blue hoodie instead of the more popular grey one.


What style will Bill Belichick's hoodie be?

Sleeves +170; Sleeves Cut -235

Again, staying in the same thought process as above, Belichick doesn't cut his sleeves off. Both could be wrong, but it's a nice risk to take, especially considering the money line on sleeves. And, remember, if we go 1-1 it's a profit in the end.


Tom Brady total passing yards?

Over 265.5 yards -115; Under 265.5 yards -115

Surprisingly, Brady has thrown for more than 265 yards only four times in his last 10 games, including the postseason. Even with that trend, however, Brady should go over the mark against Seattle, simple because he will have to in order to win the game.


Tom Brady total completions?

Over 24.5 -125; Under 24.5 -105

Only three times has Brady gone over 24 completions over the last 10 games, including the postseason. But we'll stick with the same theory as above and go with the over.


Tom Brady total touchdown passes?

Over 1.5 -185; Under 1.5 +150

Brady has thrown for at least two touchdowns in 10 of the last 12 games. One of the "under" games was against Buffalo, where he didn't pass much in the regular season finale. So, only the Jets have kept him under that mark. He should eclipse it against Seattle.


Tom Brady quarterback rating?

Over 92.5 -115; Under 92.5 -115

It's not as hard as you might think to reach a 93 quarterback rating, and as long as Brady doesn't turn the ball over more than once, this one should be golden for the over.


LeGarrette Blount rushing yards?

Over 62.5 -115; Under 62.5 -115

Blount has gone over 62 yards three times in the seven games he's played for New England this season. With all the passing yards Brady will be accumulating, it won't leave much room for rushing yards, so it's the under here.


Shane Vereen rushing yards?

Over 10.5 -115; Under 10.5 -115

Even though this looks like an easy pick on the over, Vereen had just one carry in each playoff game, totaling eight yards. The under is the pick, but one carry could give us a loss in this prop.


Julian Edelman receiving yards?

Over 68.5 -125; Under 68.5 -105

Edelman has gone over 68 yards receiving four games in a row, so the over is a solid play.


Brandon LaFell receiving yards?

Over 50.5 -115; Under 50.5 -115

LaFell eclipsed 50 yards in four straight games before being held to just 28 yards against the Colts. Of course, the Patriots didn't have to pass the ball against the Colts. If Brady is racking up the passing yards, as we believe he will, then the over it is.


Danny Amendola receiving yards?

Over 24.5 -120; Under 24.5 -120

Amendola is one player who hasn't taken advantage of being in the pass-happy Patriots offense and even reaching 25 yards would be a surprise. The under is the pick.


Rob Gronkowski receiving  yards?

Over 80.5 -105; Under 80.5 -125

No need to look up the trends of Gronkowski's receiving yards because he will be the Patriots leading receiver and therefore should go over 80.5 against Seattle, which has trouble covering tight ends.


Russell Wilson total passing yards?

Over 222.5 -120; Under 225.5 -110

Over his last eight games, Wilson has thrown for over 222 yards five times. Before that, he failed to reach even 200 yards in four straight games. The passing yards total jumped a great deal over the past week, which means plenty of people have been picking the over. Wilson will have tough throwing to one side of the field against Darrelle Revis, and the run game will be a huge part of the Seattle game plan, so we'll go against the flow and pick the under.


Russell Wilson total completions?

Over 17.5 -125; Under 17.5 -105

Wilson has only reached 18 completions in a game three times in his last 11 games, including the postseason. There's no reason to believe he will reach that mark in this game.


Russell Wilson rushing yards?

Over 45.5 -115; Under 45.5 -115

In two games this postseason, Wilson has gained a total of 47 yards. Rushing for 46 yards as a quarterback is extremely difficult, so there's every reason to go with the under.


Russell Wilson touchdown passes?

Over 1.5 Even; Under 1.5 -130

I have Wilson throwing for one score, rushing for another, while Marshawn Lynch scores twice, so the under is the bet on this prop.


Russell Wilson quarterback rating?

Over 90.5 -115; Under 90.5 -115

We'll go with the under, as Wilson will likely throw one touchdown pass and an interception, which should keep him under 91 for the game.


Marshawn Lynch rushing yards?

Over 90.5 -135; Under 90.5 -105

Will Lynch take his frustration from the NFL and the media out on the Patriots defense? We hope so, because we're going with the over on Lynch. 


Doug Baldwin receiving yards?

Over 55.5 -115; Under 55.5 -115

If Revis is covering Baldwin, and it's likely that he will, then the under is the bet.


Jermaine Kearse receiving yards?

Over 43.5 -115; Under 43.5 -115

If Revis is covering Baldwin, then Kearse should have a nice day catching the ball against New England, and should go over 43 yards.


Luke Wilson receiving yards?

Over 37.5 -130; Under 37.5 Even

He's reached at least 38 yards receiving just three times in the past eight games, but if Baldwin is taken out of the game, Wilson will have to find open space and make a couple of big plays. That leads to a pick on the over.


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