Super Bowl Team Prop Bet Picks, Including Heads Or Tails, Who Scores First, Longest TD, Shortest TD, Total Sacks, Total Interceptions, Many More

January 31, 2015

By Brad Carroll


For football fans and people in general, there's nothing like the Super Bowl. From the parties to the commercials to the actual game, seemingly everyone in the country will be watching at some point or another Sunday night. Of course, there's also the betting, from buying office squares to friendly wagers with friends, to the more intricate, and more fun for football fans, proposition bets.


With that in mind, here are some of the best prop bets available and where you should put your money if you so choose. We even have a place where you can bet on the game right now by clicking here. Our prop suggestions are merely for fun.


Here is our picks on team proposition bets. Our players prop bets are here.


Coin toss will be?

Heads -101; Tails -101

Last year the Seahawks won the toss with a choice of tails. That broke a streak of five straight coin tosses with heads coming up. From 1998 to 2006, tails came up every year except once. Obviously, this is all about preference, so go with your gut. For us, we're picking tails.


Will the winner of the coin toss win the Super Bowl?

Yes -101; No -101

Out of the last seven Super Bowl, five teams that won the coin toss have gone on to win the Super Bowl, including the last two. Looking further back, since the 2000 Super Bowl, the winner of the coin toss is just 6-7, however. We'll go with recent history and go with yes.


Will either team score in the first 5 1/2 minutes of the game?

Yes +110; No -140

No is obviously the favored outcome, which is the way we will always lean. To win that bet, the game must still be scoreless with 9:30 remaining in the first quarter. That basically means, barring a turnover, one team will get one drive to score. The odds are against it happening, so we go no.


Which team will score first?

Patriots -120; Seahawks -110

The Patriots have the better offense and the better kicker as well, so the Patriots are more likely to score first than the Seahawks. Obviously, whomever gets the ball first will have the better opportunity to score, but we'll go Patriots on this one.


First score of the game will be?

Touchdown -150; Field Goal +120

Taking the field goal option is a great value, especially considering it's not going to be easy scoring a touchdown early against a couple of very good defenses.


Longest touchdown of the game will be?

Over 44.5 yards -115; Under 44.5 yards -115

Both the Patriots and Seahawks have the ability to score on deep passes, but with both secondaries being so good, it's not likely to be more than 44 yards. Plus, neither Marshawn Lynch or LeGarrette Blount are home run hitters. So, go with the under.


Will either team score three straight times (excluding conversions)?

Yes -160; No +130

From both a value and reality standpoint, no is the easy choice. Since the Seahawks and Patriots are expected to play a close game, with New England favored by one right now, each team shouldn't jump out to too big a lead. That would mean three straight scores by one team would be a surprise. It's also a surprise yes is such a big favorite considering the point spread. Go with no because of its value.


Will either team score in the final two minutes of the first half?

Yes -250; No. +200

With these two offenses and capable kickers, it's more than likely for one to score in the final two minutes.


Will either team score in the last 3 1/2 minutes of the game?

Yes -165; No +135

If everyone believes Seattle and New England will play a close game, and we have the Seahawks winning by three, then yes would be the pick here. If you're on the opposite side of the spectrum and believe the game will be over by this point in time, then go with no, as one team should be running out the clock. But, for us, it's a yes.


Team with the most penalty yards?

Patriots +120; Seahawks -150

The way to rack up penalty yards easily is through pass interference, so in this prop, go against the team that passes the ball the most. The Patriots throw the ball a ton, so the bet should be on Seattle.


Will both teams make a 33 yard field goal or longer?

Yes -115; No -115

Stephen Gostkowski and Steven Hauschka are both solid, so it should take just one opportunity each from the required distance to make yes a winner.


Total sacks by both teams?

Over 4.5 -105; Under 4.5 -125

The Packers sacked Russell Wilson five times in the NFC title game, while the Colts brought down Tom Brady just once. That would add up to a bet on the over. However, Wilson and the offensive line had one of the worst games of the season against Green Bay, so it's not likely to happen again. Plus, the Patriots didn't record a sack two weeks ago against Indianapolis. So, we're going with the under.


Shortest touchdown of the game?

Over 1.5 yards -115; Under 1.5 yards -115

This is one of those props that will drive you crazy during the game. There should be a good amount of touchdowns scored, so the odds are one of them will come from one yard out, especially with each team having a bruising running back.


Longest field goal of the game?

Over 44.5 yards -125; Under 44.5 yards -105

Again, both kickers are solid, so the over is a solid bet.


Shortest field goal of the game?

Over 25.5 yards -130; Under 25.5 yards Even

If either team reaches the nine-yard line, it's likely going for the touchdown, so we'll go with the over on this one.


Total field goal made by both teams?

Over 3.5 Even; Under 3.5 -130

I don't see there being many field goals in a game featuring two teams that go for the touchdown at seemingly all costs. So, the under it is.


Total touchdowns scored in the game?

Over 5.5 -105; Under 5.5 -125

I have the game being a high-scoring affair, with eight total touchdowns very likely, so the play for us is on the over.


First touchdown of the game will be?

Passing -160; Any Other Touchdown +130

If the Patriots score first, it's likely a passing touchdown. If the Seahawks score first, it's should be a rushing one. We'll go with passing.


Largest lead of the game?

Over 13.5 -160; Under 13.5 +130

It's likely somebody will lead by two touchdowns at some point in the game.


Will there by a safety?

Yes +500; No -800

There's been a safety two Super Bowls in a row, so why not take the outside chance of another one happening here? Yes.


Will there by overtime?

Yes +500; No -800

This might be the game that gets there, but it's nearly impossible to happen, so no.


Will the game be determined by exactly three points?

Yes +300; No -400

We have the Seahawks winning by three points, so that makes this prop a yes. If it happens, it's a great value win.


Interceptions thrown by both teams?

Over 1.5 -155; Under 1.5 +125

Each quarterback could easily throw one interception, so the over it is.


Fumbles lost by both teams?

Over 1.5 +145; Under 1.5 -175

The Patriots won't be using deflated footballs in this game, but it would still be a surprise if both teams combined for two or more fumbles lost. So, it's the under.


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