Jets at Bills Preview: GameDay Staff Picks Winner Against Spread

November 20, 2014

The New York Jets return from a bye week to take on the Buffalo Bills in Week 12. The game, however, won't be played in Buffalo, but rather Detroit, as the snowstorm that hit the area has made playing the game impossible. Our GameDay Is Here staff gives their predictions on the game. To make actual wagers on this game and more, click here.


New York Jets (2-8) at Buffalo Bills (5-5)

Monday, 7 p.m., CBS

Betting Line: Jets +4


Brad Carroll (6-4 straight up, 4-6 vs. spread)

Jets 16, Bills 14

Even though the Bills are three games better than the Jets, both teams are out of the playoff chase. The Jets actually have the momentum, beating the Steelers two weeks ago, while the Bills lost big to the Dolphins last week. The fact also remains Buffalo might not even get a chance to practice before Monday's game, as an unbelievable amount of fallen snow has immobilized the area, leaving Bills players and coaches trapped at home.



Matt Straub (4-6, 4-6)

Jets 28, Bills 20

The snowy field will help the Jets keep the ball safely on the ground and use short, safe passes. They seem hungry again, playing for jobs, including Rex Ryan's. Plus, the Bills are coming off a crushing loss.




Craig Carroll (5-5, 5-5)

Jets 24, Bills 17

It's in the best interest of the New York Jets franchise to lose and secure themselves the best possible draft pick. So, of course, that means the Jets will go out and win a bunch of games to finish the season and end up with a mid-round pick.




Glenn Carroll (5-3, 4-4)

Jets 21, Bills 17

Michael Vick looks impressive again, leading Jets fans to play the "what-if" game. Fred Jackson returns for the Bills and promptly gets shut down, hurting my fantasy team. The Jets get one step further away from another shot at a top-rated quarterback in the draft.


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