General Manager John Idzik Has Proven To Be Completely Incompetent In This Embarrassing Jets Season And Must Be Fired To Save The Future

October 27, 2014

By Brad Carroll


After the latest Jets debacle, an embarrassing 43-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills at home Sunday, the 2014 season has officially come to an end and the focus now turns to 2015. Head coach Rex Ryan and general manager John Idzik will lead the team for the rest of this disastrous season, but when the final game is played, owner Woody Johnson must completely clean house and start over.


There is no way Ryan can stay on as head coach, even though he isn't the most the blame for this mess of a 1-7 season. Idzik, who is a general manager in title only, botched this year from the start, quite possibly doing so to set Ryan up to fail so he can bring in his own head coach to lead the team. But if there is ever a way to find out if that truly happened, Idzik should be fired immediately and blackballed from the NFL.


If Idzik didn't put this team together to sabotage Ryan, then he should be fired for pure incompetence. He has proven to be a joke in free agency and the draft, whiffing on nearly all of his decisions, starting with quarterback Geno Smith, who might not even be a No. 2 quarterback on any other team in the NFL. Yet, Idzik most likely forced Ryan to play Smith this season.


And Ryan will be fired because of it.


We've ripped Idzik since the offseason, after he made one baffling decision after another, setting this team up to be a failure we all saw coming. But Idzik finally started reading his press clippings after the Patriots loss, finally started listening to the media and fans who have been calling for his head, and traded for wide receiver Percy Harvin.


Yes, at 1-and-6 Idzik decided now was the time to add a player to help Ryan and the team make a playoff run. Forget about the questionable decision to trade for the moody diva from Seattle, how about the general manager believing he should make a big move at 1-and-6? Even more comical, Idzik said the move had the potential to be a coup.


Idzik has no idea how to build a team through personnel decisions. He's a cap guy, more suited to being in a back office calculating how a real general manager's moves will fit under the salary cap. Idzik has no right to be making personnel decisions, and he's proven that since getting hired.


Remember, too, nobody even interviewed Idzik for a general manager position except for the Jets when he was hired. The Seahawks, his old team, had an opening a few years ago, and Idzik didn't even get a look. If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about him I don't know what will.


Jets owner Woody Johnson made a huge mistake hiring Idzik, and he has to admit it and rectify it after the season. His season ticket holders are paying a ton of money to sit in that stadium, most purchasing PSL's, to watch a sub-standard team. His fans are purchasing jerseys and merchandise to support the club, only to get nothing in return.


It starts at the top, with Johnson making a dumb decision on a guy with no experience. But Johnson isn't going anywhere, so he should at the least show the fans he cares and understands what is going on with his team. Idzik has destroyed this season and he will destroy the future as well.


Don't let it happen, Woody, fire Idzik and save the franchise any further embarrassment.


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