GameDay Live High School Football Scoring: New Britain At Conard

October 2, 2014

New Britain 20, Conard 14

High School Football



New Britain                     7     7   6   0   -   20

Conard                            0   14   0   0   -   14


LAST SCORING PLAY: New Britain's David Torres scores on a 21-yard pass from Dajion Hill.



First Quarter

NB-Amuel Blair 3 run (Jose Conde kick), 1:39

Second Quarter

C-Nate Richam 43 run (Neil Droney kick), 9:41

C-Phil Simplicio 21 pass from Mike Matthews (Droney kick), :46

NB-Zach Connolly 80 fumble return (Conde kick), :00

Third Quarter

NB-David Torres 21 pass from Dajion Hill (kick failed), 7:34

Fourth Quarter



FOURTH QUARTER: New Britain kneels down on the ball and comes up with a big victory over Conard to improve to 3-1 this season. ... New Britain gets the first down on a two-yard run by Dajion Hill and a measurement by the referees on third and two. ... Conard timeout with 1:46 to go. ... New Britain gets one yard on a run to set up a third and two. After back to back timeouts by Conard and then New Britain, there is 1:52 to go. ... Conard is offsides and New Britain moves up to 41 for a second and three. ... Kyshawn Gunn runs for two yards and Conard calls first timeout. ... New Britain comes up with a huge defensive stop on fourth and one and takes over at Conard 49 with 2:40 to go. ... Conard starts with the ball at its own 40 with 3:49 to go. ... Conard sacks New Britain's Dajion Hill and the Canes will have to punt with four minutes to go. ... New Britain's Dajion Hill runs for a first down on a third and 17 play with 6:30 to go. ... New Britain gets it back and takes over at own 32 with 8:03 to play. ... New Britain's Dajion Hill is intercepted by Conard and Conard takes over at own 43 with 10:39 to play.


THIRD QUARTER: New Britain has the ball at own 33 after a Conard punt with 36 seconds to go. ... Game is currently in long delay, as referees try and figure out where to place the ball after a penalty, about a 10-minute delay. ... New Britain punts it back and Conard takes over at New Britain 48 with 2:49 to go. ... New Britain forces a three and out and after a punt, takes over at own 12 with 5:14 to go. ... Conard has the ball at New Britain 44 after a good kick return ... New Britain's Dajion Hill completes two big passes then hits David Torres for a 21-yard score with 7:34 to go in the third. The kick is blocked for a 20-14 NB lead. ... New Britain makes a quarterback change, from CJ Gaskin to Dajion Hill. ... Conard punts and New Britain takes over at own 40 with 8:16 to go. ... Conard starts second half with the ball at own 23.


SECOND QUARTER: In a wild play, Conard's Jordan Dorfman fumbles and New Britain's Zach Connolly recovers it and returns it 80 yards for a touchdown with no time left in first half. New Britain and Conard are tied 14-14. ... New Britain's CJ Gaskin fumbles again and Conard has the ball at New Britain 31 with 16 seconds to go. ... Conard turns a horrible fumble by CJ Gaskin into seven points, as Mike Matthews hits Phil Simplicio for 21 yards and a touchdown with 46 seconds to play. ... CJ Gaskin fumbles and Conard recovers at New Britain 21 with 50 seconds to go. ... New Britain takes over at own 41 with 1:02 to go. ... New Britain calls timeout with 1:10 to go, as Conard is facing a fourth and long with a punt upcoming. ... New Britain punts and Conard takes over at New Britain 45 with 2:52 to go. ... New Britain calls timeout facing a second and six from the 10 with 6:09 to go. ... Conard goes three and out and a great punt pushes New Britain back to its own 6 midway through the second quarter. ... New Britain's CJ Gaskin fumbles and Conard recovers at own 44 with 8:41 to go. ... New Britain starts next drive at Conard 47. ... Terrible tackling by New Britain leads to a 43-yard touchdown run by Conard's Nate Richam to tie the game with 9:41 to go. ... New Britain's Santiago Isaza intercepts Conard's Mike Matthews and the Canes takes over at the 50 with 11:49 to go. ... Conard has a second and seven from own 47 to start the second quarter.


FIRST QUARTER: New Britain scores on a Amuel Blair three-yard touchdown run to lead 7-0 with 1:39 to go. ... CJ Gaskin hits Marcus Torres for 39 yards and New Britain has first and goal from six. ... Conard fumbles and New Britain recovers at Conard 45 with 2:33 to go. ... New Britain avoids disaster as CJ Gaskin nearly threw an interception after bobbling a snap, but the Canes still forced to punt and Conard takes over at own 44 with under four minutes to go. ... Conard goes three and out and after a good punt New Britain takes over at own 40 with 5:07 to go. ... New Britain's drive stalls at Conard 20 and Jose Conde is wide on a 35-yard field goal attempt with 6:19 to go. ... New Britain receives the opening kick off and brings it back to midfield to start the game.


GAME NOTES: New Britain is 2-1 this season with wins over South Windsor and Manchester and a loss to Northwest Catholic. Conard is 1-1 with a win over East Hartford and a loss to Newington. Our open thread for comments and questions is back, so make sure to connect with fellow fans and us at the game below. Full preview coverage at


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