College Football GameDay Rewind: Anheuser-Busch Needs Giant Wake-Up Call, Frank Beamer Doesn't Deserve Free Pass, Gotta Love Missouri, Oktoberfest And Rest Of Week 3

September 17, 2014

By Brad Carroll


Seemingly everyone has come out of the woodwork blasting the National Football League and commissioner Roger Goodell over the handling of the Ray Rice situation and the public relations nightmare that has come out of the Adrian Peterson child abuse allegations. Almost all of it has been more than well deserved. The NFL and Goodell have botched just about every negative situation that has presented itself recently.


But one group that expressed disappointment in the NFL needs a big reality check. Anheuser-Busch put out a statement that blasted the league for how it's handling their players.


"We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season," Anheuser-Busch said in a statement. "We are not yet satisfied with the league's handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league."


For a company that makes alcoholic beverages to take the high, moral ground is simply ridiculous. Before the makers of Bud Light put their two cents into the conversation, they should realize most of the negative incidents involving players also involve alcohol. They should realize people get hurt and hurt others at an alarming rate after consuming too much of their product.


This isn't an anti-drinking column. It's an anti-stupidity column.


The beer company pumps about $200 million into the NFL machine through licensing and advertising, with Bud Light being the official beer of the league. So, they can do whatever they want when it comes to spending their money on the league. But it doesn't hurt to look in the mirror, either.


If McDonald's is annoyed with how it's company is being perceived because it advertises during NFL games, that's perfectly understandable. They sell cheeseburgers and soda. Anheuser-Busch sells alcohol.


If Anheuser-Busch doesn't want to be the official beer sponsor of the NFL, more power to it. But don't start acting like you're on a higher ground. You just look stupid. And Coors Light tastes better than Bud Light anyway.


But enough about all that, here's our latest College Football GameDay Rewind column, breaking down the week that was with our own brand of news, analysis, humor and, most of all, college football.



No. 25 BYU (-20) 33, Houston 25

Winners: None of this night

Losers: Every last one of us


Every loss hurts, obviously, but there are some that just feel like you got stabbed in the stomach and then had the knife handle twisted. Graphic, yes. Appropriate, sure. Why? Because picking games against the spread is unlike anything in the sports world, making you crazy for every single second of the 60-minute football game. BYU raced out to a 23-0 lead in this game and everything looked great for the four of us picking the Cougars. Then, Houston kicked a field goal with 3:12 to go in the second quarter, scored a touchdown and missed the extra point with 1:17 to go, then scored another touchdown on a 45-yard bomb with no time remaining to cut the deficit to 23-15. Enter the knife. Early in the fourth quarter, BYU scored a touchdown to go up 18 and give us hope again for a cover. Hope sometimes is a bad thing, however. Houston ended up scoring the next 10 points to finish off the game and beat us all against the spread. Twist that knife.



No. 8 Baylor (-35) 63, Buffalo 21

Winners: Every last one of us

Losers: Those who like seeing me stabbed


Picking games against gigantic spreads is a whole lot easier when Baylor is the one giving them up. The Bears have an offense that seemingly never stops scoring, and you have to love that, especially when the linesmakers put this game at 35 points. Baylor led 35-0 at halftime, but it wasn't a free ride to victory lane Friday night, as Buffalo cut the Bears lead to 28 twice in the third quarter. But this Baylor offense isn't going to slow down, scoring 21 straight points and put the game away early in the fourth quarter. Thanks to the Bears we all head into Saturday's games with 1-1 records.



East Carolina (+11) 28, No. 17 Virginia Tech 21

Winners: Craig, Matt

Losers: Brad, Glenn, Frank Beamer apologists


I can't give you one reason why Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer's butt isn't scorched from what should be a hell-like hot seat right now. But Beamer is Teflon, getting a free pass year-in and year-out, even though the Hokies fail in nearly every big game they have played in since he became the coach in 1987. With how Beamer is treated, you would think he has a long history of top 10 finishes in the AP poll, at least one national championship, and a bunch of other seasons where his teams challenged for one. But you'd be wrong. Beamer had two great seasons, in 1999 and 2000. The 1999 season is the only time the team actually made something of their talent, making it all the way to the national championship game before losing. In 2000, the Hokies finished 11-1 as well. Those are the highlights for Beamer. You can make the case he turned the Virginia Tech program from nothing into something, and you'd be right, but he's getting great players every year now. He can't get a free pass on that anymore. The past two years, Virginia Tech has lost a total of 11 games. Beamer has lost at least three games a season for the past eight years. Since 2001, the Hokies have finished with a single-digit AP ranking just twice. They were unranked three times in that frame. In his 27 years as coach, the Hokies are just 9-12 in bowl games. Beamer is living off the 1999 season, and he has Michael Vick to thank for that one. Beamer is nowhere near a big-game coach. But, whatever, keep putting together mediocre teams with exceptional talent and ride into the sunset as Virginia Tech fans everywhere turn a blind eye. Losing must not hurt that much down there. As for the game, Virginia Tech was exposed at home by East Carolina. Also exposed is Ohio State, who lost two weeks ago to the Hokies. Craig and Matt won here, with Craig texting 38 minutes into the game that he "was gonna take East Carolina in the upset but played it safe." Sure, he was. He later texted, "East Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas is where I climb back to the top." To which I replied, "Oklahoma is gonna kill Tennessee. The others could happen." I hated my Texas Tech pick, which we'll get to soon.


No. 20 Missouri (-10) 38, Central Florida 10

Winners: A clean sweep (all four of us are 2-0 with Missouri)

Losers: Nobody loses when picking Missouri (no jinx)


I really can't put a real reason on it, but I like Missouri a lot. It's a total bandwagon thing, as I started rooting for them whenever they played last year and I have been again this year. It doesn't hurt that we've put two straight Mizzou games in the picks, and each time all four of us went with the Tigers to cover, and each time they did exactly that. In my College GameDay Rewind column last week, I talked about teams getting on my Hate List (Washington State, that means you). Missouri would be on the opposite list right now, as it has a home on my Love List (which is much harder to get on, believe me.) Hopefully it's a long-lasting relationship this season. So far, so great for the Tigers.


Arkansas (+1) 49, Texas Tech 28

Winners: Craig, with the upset pick

Losers: Brad, Glenn, Matt, college football fans


The college football schedule was terrible this week. Downright awful. It was so bad, I felt compelled to put this game on the docket as it was on national television in the typically-great 3:30 window. Only Craig is thanking me for it. I don't ever apologize for one of my picks, as a lot of research goes into each one, but this one I will apologize for. How I thought Texas Tech would beat Arkansas, an SEC team, is beyond me. I foreshadowed my thought-process for this game with that text to Craig saying Arkansas winning could very well happen. I should also blame Matt for wanting to go to an Oktoberfest street fair happening outside our office Friday night. His decision to go get some brats and beer and whatever else is German made me rush this pick. Yes, it's all Matt's fault. And, to make matters worse, by the time we did finish work and get down to the street fair, most of the vendors had started packing all of their food away. So, we couldn't even get brats and beer and whatever else they were serving with a German twist. We actually ended up going into an open pizza joint and I bought two pepperoni pies for us and others in the sports department. Which made me think about this: At Oktoberfest, I had pepperoni pizza and a grape Fanta soda. Of course that makes sense. I'm sure Matt was happy with the turn of events, however, as he only eats pizza and mozzarella sticks. Seriously.


No. 24 South Carolina (+6.5) 38, No. 6 Georgia 35

Winners: Matt, with the gigantic upset pick

Losers: Brad, Craig, Glenn, all for staying on the bandwagon


Speaking of teams on my Hate List, Georgia typically always finds its way on it, especially with Mark Richt as the head coach. The Bulldogs were the trendy team to send to the College Football Playoff already after they beat up Clemson in Week 1. But that bandwagon is empty now after South Carolina defended their home field and upset Georgia. The Bulldogs even ripped my heart out when they missed a chip-shot field goal that likely would have sent the game to overtime, where anything could have happened, including a 7-point victory. "Instant gut told me South Carolina, but I talked myself out of it cause they bit me twice this season," Craig texted. Craig talking to his brain had to be one funny conversation ... "Alright, brain, I don't like you and you don't like me, but let's work together on this South Carolina-Georgia pick ..." Stupid, brain. Oh yeah, Matt did trust his gut and went with the Gamecocks in an upset. All the brats and sauerkraut you can eat, Matt, on me! (No, Matt will not eat any brats with sauerkraut, so I'm good.)


No. 11 Notre Dame (-28) 30, Purdue 14

Winners: Glenn (3-4, even after a double-check, as he always seemingly picks the Irish)

Losers: Brad (2-5, oh lord), Craig (4-3, brain sort-of good), Matt (4-3, brats!)


I really want to say this was a bad pick on my part, but Notre Dame has been so good this season and Purdue has been terrible, so everything pointed to an Irish romp. It obviously didn't play out like that, even though the Irish defense did their part, allowing just 14 first-half points. The Notre Dame offense burned everyone but Glenn in Indianapolis. Glenn, who texted during the 3:30 games, "I am either going to solidify my name as the best college picker after this week or you guys will gain some ground." He's now 1-2 after making that comment. Nobody has made up ground. Quite the ego for a guy who picked up the nickname "Kool-Aid" last year.


No. 4 Oklahoma (-21) 34, Tennessee 10

Winners: Brad (3-5), Glenn (4-4), Matt (5-3)

Losers: Craig (4-4)


Craig really thought Tennessee was going to keep this game close. I, on other hand, really believe Oklahoma is one of the few great teams in college football this year and would blow the Vols out. I think I win this one, although it was closer than you'd might think from the final score. The Sooners clinched the game and point-spread victory when the defense intercepted a Tennessee pass in the end zone and returned it 100 yards for a touchdown. Oklahoma went from possibly being up by just 10 points, to up 24 in a matter of moments. "So I lost the Tennessee game because of a 100 yard interception return? Damn, that sucks." Twist that knife. I needed this one badly, as I can sense this week going badly.


Boston College (+17) 37, No. 9 USC 31

Winners: Brad (4-5), Glenn (5-4), America (undefeated)

Losers: Craig (4-5), Matt (5-4)


If there ever was a game Boston College would pull off a magical upset, this would be it. The Eagles honored former lacrosse player Welles Crowther, who was killed in the World Trade Center during the Sept. 11 attacks. He gave his life to help others, as he went back into the building to save those who needed help. The Eagles and their fans wore red bandannas in honor of Crowther, as he was known by those he saved that day as the "man in the red bandanna." After going down 10-0 and 17-6, Boston College took off and didn't stop running into the end zone. The Eagles rushed for 452 yards, including 191 alone from quarterback Tyler Murphy, to win rather easily against the No. 9 team in the land. It was a great moment for everyone involved. Well, except for Southern Cal fans, which may or may not include Glenn, as he declared himself a USC fan last week. "I guess Glenn jumped off the USC bandwagon," Craig said. Glenn had no retort.


No. 12 UCLA (-8) 20, Texas 17

Winners: Just Matt, who clinches a winning week

Losers: Brad, Craig, Glenn


Let's all just stop pretending UCLA is one of the best teams in the nation. The Bruins are probably the most overrated team in the country, as they couldn't be more unimpressive in their three wins as they have been this season. UCLA needed a 33-yard touchdown pass from the coach's son to take the lead with three minutes to go and beat Texas. Brett Hundley, the starting quarterback, left with an injury early, but he's been bad too this season. The Bruins managed just 20 points against a Texas team that allowed 41 the week prior to BYU. Yes, BYU. Oregon is going to mop the floor with the Bruins in three weeks. Matt went with Texas either cause he's really smart, or because he thought it was still 2009.


No. 7 Texas A&M (-32.5) 38, Rice 10

Winners: Did anyone take Rice? Eat rice? Throw rice at a wedding? Didn't think so.

Losers: All of us end the night as losers


Talk about getting stabbed and then having the knife twisted in your gut, this game sure felt exactly like that. If you said beforehand that Rice would score just 10 points, I'd say Texas A&M was a lock. But the Aggies scored just 38 points to end the college football Saturday. They scored their final touchdown with 5:24 to go in the third quarter and added just one field goal in the fourth. It was painful to watch, especially knowing what Texas A&M can do on offense when it's actually trying to score instead of just going home healthy with victory in hand. All of us had to watch helplessly as our records take a nose dive. Matt is the only one to have a winning record and finishes 6-5. It's the first time all season any one of our college football experts was under .500. Glenn finishes 5-6 and Craig and I both end with 4-7 records. Matt is the only one with a smile on his face this go-around, as he makes up some ground in the season-long picks title chase. As always, check back here Thursday as we pick No. 4 Auburn at No. 20 Kansas State and then Friday and Saturday as we break down and pick against the spread all the big matchups from Saturday's college football slate. It's surely to be better than Week 3. Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on all of our previews and picks.


Brad Last Week: 4-7 (spread), 7-4 (straight-up), 0-0 (upset picks)

Brad Season: 22-17 (spread), 29-10 (straight-up), 2-1 (upsets)

Craig Last Week: 4-7 (spread), 8-3 (straight-up), 1-0 (upset picks)

Craig Season: 19-20 (spread), 27-12 (straight-up), 3-4 (upsets)

Glenn Last Week: 5-6 (spread), 7-4 (straight-up), 0-0 (upset picks)

Glenn Season: 25-14 (spread), 31-8 (straight-up), 3-0 (upsets)

Matt Last Week: 6-5 (spread), 8-3 (straight-up), 1-0 (upset picks)

Matt Season: 21-18 (spread), 28-11 (straight-up), 3-3 (upsets)


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